split foam under lam ding

I’ve got this ding i’m working on for a buddy. Standard crack on the nose/rail of a longboard. It dosen’t look too bad at a glance, but once i start removing the glass I discover that the foam is split running parallel with the lamination. It’s not totally delaming, but a healthy section running towards the nose concave. is the best approach to totally remove the split/delam and restore it, or can i fill the crack with resin and hammer-mill and then rebuild as usual? anyone else see a split like this and how did you approach it?



A photo would help, and the size of the split will make a difference.

I always sad out verical splits/tears, and fill as normal, with small horazontal splits i inject a little resin with a syringe. Fore large splits I cut them out and replace the foam.

i was thinking i would just inject it due to the small size of the split, then replace the foam. gonna fix it this weekend. thanks for the input. let you know how it turns out.


Howzit steve, Not sure if I understand and a pic would help. But if it’s what I think it is just inject resin and clamp it together.Aloha,Kokua

I ended up using the “Cajun Injector” which is used for injecting marinade into meat. It worked great on the repair and now it has a “Creole Flavor” as well :slight_smile: The next time something like this comes along I think someting with a smaller bore needle will work better, perhaps something in the range of 5-10cc instead of the big thing designed for marinading turkeys for the fryer. The clamps sealed up the split/de-lam, now i’m going to rebuild the section with fresh foam, and lay up the section. Thanks for the input and i anyone wants recipies for the Cajun Injector, let me know.


Howzit Steve, Glad to hear it'd OK. Sorry I didn't reply sooner but computer was down till just today.Aloha,Kokua