spray epoxy

hey all you epoxy heads, a friend was at a well established shapers the other day and was asking about Tolan’s new HDP resin. this shaper claimed its great but a new spray epoxy is already holding promise of even better results. he scoped a board done this way and said it was WAY lighter than your avg. shortboard and much stronger. when pressed for details i guess he was pretty tight lipped. anyone heard of this stuff?

I have heard of some stuff similar to what you are talking about with the exception that it is rolled on not sprayed. I was told that you could roll this stuff on (with no cloth) and it flows out similar to hotcoat (not quite so thin) and forms a very hard shell. I was also told that down the road you could plane this coating off, clean up the shape and coat again. I don’t know if it is epoxy based or not and was not told if it was for use with eps or poly blanks. I can’t see any surface/shell strong enough to support ones weight without some type of support under it. I like the concept but I don’t think that it is feasible. Who knows what the future holds, but there has got to be something better than fiberglass cloth that will be available to the general public.