spray job mixing with the resin

I am having this problem when I do large spray jobs on a board that when it come to glassing, a bit of the colour comes through the matting and mixes with the resin. I am using water based acrylic paint. Any tips

Cheers guys

are you shure the paints completley dry?

Yup it feels dry to the touch


Mix/thin your acrylic paint with future floor finish or the equivalent of it.Someone mentioned a product called “smart and final” also. It seals the blank/paint making like a tough shell that is not affected by the resin, but don’t put the paint on too thick. I am on my second board using this method(Herb S …good tip…) the first one was poly,this one is epoxy so I know it works on both resins. It makes it dry quicker too,although I would give it at least a day to dry. By the way RR epoxy is a great product,easy to use and almost no fumes(I have never smelled it anyway…) unlike poly which you must wear a respirator. Hope this helps…

Sean W

This future floor finnish is it like a floor varnish. I think I might have some in the shed after varnishing the floor I used some clear water base varnish on the wood floors the other day.

Thanks for the tip

Yes it is an acrylic floor finish, like a floor wax. Not sure I would call it a varnish…we just probably have different terms for it. It is clear and looks similar to water. Tons of stuff in the archives on the subject. You will be very happy with the results I am sure. Not sure what the UK equivilent is though. Peace and waves…

Sean W.

Swifty, You state that the paint “feels dry to the touch”. The problem may be that even though it feels dry, it may not have set up completely, especially if the air is humid. I suggest you let it dry overnight just to be sure. I’ve had some bleeding of the paint occur also, but it was usually because: the paint was too thick, or it was not completely dry. Also, red seems to want to bleed more than other colors for some reason. Doug

Swifty. sometimes if the last coat of paint was just lightly spayed/misted on, it does not stick and forms like a powder. then when you go to glass it comes up in the resin. best thing to do is put a nice coat of the water based acrylic floor finish let dry then glass. I get mine from Smart and Final. other names are Future no-wax floor finish, or tile sealers. make sure the product is water based and contains no cleaners or wax/oils.

If you MIX/THIN with the future…you get to skip the extra step of coating it at the end. Plus it dries way quicker…save time…comes out better…and if you put more than one coat you will not get that powder effect shipman speaks of, it will bond better with the sucessive coats…peace and waves…

Sean W.