Spraying colour on EPS

I know solvent based spray paints do not work with eps (eat it away) and i also tried Krylon “fusion” paint with smilar results. To save myself from spending more cash, does any one know of a similar solution. Do the Krylon “H2O” water based latex paints work well? I don’t have access to any type of spray equipment so cans are my best alternative.


I painted my eps fish with yellow kid’s acrylic paint and a paint brush. Splattered a bit of red paint on the bottom with the same brush. My 15 year old daughter told me it looked lame, but I like it. Point is you don’t have to spray the paint on it. Mike

Krylon H2o works okay

you also can just paint on tube/jar acrylic thinned with a little future floor sealer with a foam brush directly on the foam

but it you do this, I’d spackle seal the EPS first so you don’t get all those dart dots you get when applying the acrylic direct to the foam. Even spray cans can leave splotches because it’s not as controlled as an airbrush…

also don’t lay your paint on too thick no matter how you do it.

I had delams putting too thick a coat of light brown H2o spray paint on my foam before I applied my glass/blasa skin. The thick paint peeled right off the foam. One thing abut H2o is there’s no alot of color choices… You can buy these spray bottle with their own gas containers used for autoboday tougch up work and make your own acrylic sprays thinned out like they do for airbrushing and use the bottle or tube artist acrylic paints which span the colors of the rainbow and more.

If you don’t want to spackle there’s also a spray on clear primer styrofoam sealer they sell at craft stores that crafters use before painting their styrofoam creations… doesn’t really smooth the surface as much as seal the gaps in the eps.

But yes, Krylon H2o works directly on EPS foam just ask Benny1 cause he’s used it before as well.

thanks man im only looking to use red and white so there has to be a H20 can for that. Ill give it a try and post some pictures hopefully later

Davel, go to Michaels art supply (chain) and get their house brand Design Masters. Light strokes. I use it all the time. Many colors.

Or do as Onela says with the air brush thing and get any latex from Home Depot (a million colors). Just water it down a bit. Or brush it. Martha Stewart will be pleased.

I’m also using Tempra paint. You can spray it or paint it. I’ll try to post a couple of pic later today from my laptop.

Good tape, sealed well against the foam is vital.