Spring has Sprung

Minus tide Del Mar 7th Street and the faithful are bumming; 15 knot onshores blowing out a lumpy 5 foot wind swell. I’m the only person with a grin on my puss. I just finished one of my “funest” sessions in years…on my pool toy. And to think of all those lost days before enlightenment. Thanks Dale! Newbs

How many bowls you smoke before hittin the water? Please humor us with fruther “details”. This ought to be one for the record books.

The only bowls I smoked were the ones in the water, connecting the dots for 1/4 mile long rides…so it was a day for the records, mine anyway. You need “fruther” details? Picked up speed from the peak and carried it through the flats to the next peak and so on and so on. Try it, you’ll like it…well maybe not. Your mind is as closed as mine once was. Quit posing and have fun…

Hey Newbs you just need to get up earlier. I surfed the Cliffs from 5-7 am and it was offshore… glad you had fun, though.

Believing the hyped up swell reports (this got the sites more clicks and their sponsors the traffic), the crowds began to flood into the popular breaks. The stand out spots once again found themselves at or over capacity, home to literally a sea of people waiting for an over rated swell to hit. If the onshores didn’t ruin their day, the agro vibe in the water did. Meanwhile, Newbs finds his trusty Dale Solomonson Avenger VI Model Mat and employees it for yet another session. And what a grand session it was. (Right on Newbs!)

1/4 mile lnog rides on a boogie? Thats a whopper! No thanks I`ll be standing tall on my longboard from the peak through the flats and so on and so on! No bellie boards here!

Sorry Fred, been there, done that. No way a longboard was gonna do the things I was doing on my mat (not a booger). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; use the right tool for the job! Have a nice weekend and stay wet, Fred. Newbs

Let me push this post a little “fruther” along!! Last Sat. afternoon was a classic mat session for me! River Jetties and Brookhurst street had epic Santa Ana conditions going for it …plus a low to high tide push with long tapering peaks and few out to reap the rewards! Dale’s Mat was twisted,squeezed, and flown at warp speeds! Glad to hear you got out and had fun Newbs! It’s all that matters! (pun intended)!

Had a surprisingly fun midday session out on the “lost” coast (the coast from Haleiwa to Kaena Pt. as opposed to Haleiwa to Kahuku Pt.). The normal trades blow this coast out, but during SW winds the waves become clean and very rideable. Paddled out to a fun 2-4ft wedging peak followed by a short workable wall that has a nice corner to wrap a figure 8 roundhouse offf of before dying out. Didnt have any problems riding my 6’4" modern fish, despite having ridden my 9’0" longboard most of the winter. First time I havent used a vest in months, even felt good to get a bit of a sunburn.

It’s spring here as well, onshore mush. Yesterday the wind died tho and we had some fun waist to chesthigh longboard friendly waves. Only thing that stopped my ride was the rocks on the beach. Even surfed without the hood for a while and yes, I got a sunburn(on my nose). regards, Håvard

Many thanks to Newbs, Thinkmat, and all… it`s so good to hear that my surfmats are making people stoked. 1/4 mile rides, connecting distant sections and flying at warp speeds… wow! As Coral says, “Have fun!”

no surf but plenty of spring action hiking in the central mountains and valleys of Baja for past 7 days…

Fins give surfboards control. Without at least one fin there isnt any steering control. Remember that air mat riding in Greenoughs Innermost Limits of Pure Fun? What an embaerassing “performance”. bouncing, skidding around out of control FLAT on a wave is for little kids. Adults who do that kind of stuff just look like kooks who don`t get it.

Hook-up!!! Anyway…sure, surfboards need fins 'cause they don’t flex. Mats don’t need them 'cause they do flex. Check out Greenough’s web page (I don’t excuse the groupie-ness of the site but pictures don’t lie) and some of the sites that Dale Solomonson has posted here. It’s fine by me if you stay on your longboard…you’ll just never know what you’re missing…

Fred- I’ve seen George snap turns off the top of 6’ waves just as hard as any shortboard shralper.If he’s side slippin’ it’s because he wants to.Believe me, he is in FULL control of his mat…

If you think you need more control than what the mat itself in any inflation level provides, you just drop your finned feet back in the water. Endlessly, instantly adjustable water contact points…

Lee V. is this where you got yours? I`ve found my hook-up for a surf mat! YEEEEHAAAW!!! http://www.qualitypooltoys.com/images/58197large.jpg