squash tails/round square whats the difference

Guy’s what is the difference between a squash and a rounded square. they look the same to me.

Pandanus, As far as I know, a rounded square is closer to square than a squash tail. A squash tail has a fairly soft curve on the outside corners, whereas a round square is just somewhat softer than downright sharp. Is this getting too scientific for anyone? This is hard to describe…I’m getting dizzy.

Anyway: Squash…soft.

             Round square........closer to really square. 


Ooooh, Ooooh, I want to play!

What’s the difference between a rounded square and a thumb tail?

A squash-tail is a squared round-tail.

So they are much the same , thanks thats what I thought.

the average small-medium wave tail shape has a gradual transition from the sharp reactive chopped square to the all round flow of roundtail (and all points in between)

transition from chopped square to round square to squashtail to roundtail

i’ve had board with all four types and the squash is the best allrounder IMO

but then again i could be wrong…

shhhh…don’t bring swallowtails into this, or else we’ll all need an aspirin!