Squash Width for late 80's style thruster

i started template making today on a quad fish and an 80’s style thruster.

Robin Mair helped me with the measurements and, if you haven’t checked out his website,

there are some really beautiful boards there… http://www.mairsurfboards.com/index.html

i’m using the “woodwind” and the “flying fish” for inspiration.

my question is:

is 8 3/4" too wide for an 80’s style squash (before rounding the corners)?

i know they were wide back then but i’m not too sure…

the board will (hopefully) be 6’ x 12"(N) x 19"(1" aft of center) x 14 1/2"(T)…

i plan on leaving it kinda thick with flat deck and boxy rails for mushy waves that don’t

quite warrant the fish.

any input is greatly appreciated.


I had an 80’s skipp thruster, which from memory was 5’7’’ x 12N x 19 x 16T, which was a double bump squash. The pod width was around 6’‘. With a 14 1/2 tail, 8 3/4’’ might be too wide, though if it looks good, it’ll probably go good.

yep too wide, I was riding them and had them wider than most, mine were around 6" but did go as wide as 7"…too wide and they get hung up as well as sketchy when its hollower…

thanks for the info guys.

the reason why i asked about 8 3/4" specifically was because when i bent the batten around the tail measurement

and drew the line, it just ended up that wide. but, i realize now that i didn’t put any curve in the outline from the 12" mark

back. i just let the batten go from the 12" mark straight off the tail. i think i will draw it again with a 6 3/4" pod, bend the

batten to meet that, and see how the outline looks then.

another question: any suggestions for bottom contours?

i’m leaning towards going with a flat bottom. simple and effective. if i decided not to go with that, i thought maybe some

slight V from just ahead of the fins out the back. this will only be my 4th or 5th shape (depending on if i do the fish or

thruster first) and like the idea of keeping it simple.

i started surfing in about '88 and tho i didn’t pay much attention to board design back then, i’ve always

liked the userfriendlyness of those designs… i’m trying to get a similar feeling with this board.

No…not too wide. Go a full 16’’ in the tail like the first thrusters were. I think they were at their best between 15 and 16.5. Then again…you know how opinions are. They will not hang up or get squirely when it’s hollower or bigger if you put softer rails on them or the tucked edge.

Looks like you’ve got all the help you need , but also -

this guy might be able to help Board Collector

He’s got a veritable plethora of 80’s stuff !

robins the best

BTW: Beautiful boards on Robin’s site. Nice website also.

Aloha Chris:

Mahalo for posting a link to the site, hopefully people will find some useful information up there and I certainly will be adding a lot more over time. I sent you a separate PM about the squash measurements but will mention them here again in case others are interested. The flat on the squash is around 4.5(2.25)" while the measurement to the apex of the radius is 6(3)", which seems to jibe with what others have said here. The Woodwind has a fairly pulled tail so I think you could go a little wider but I like to have a little more curve in the tail so I pulled the tail in a little.

Aloha Chris:

I would definitely put a little curve in the tail as this is going to make a world of difference to the board especially if you are looking for better turning. By adding the curve I think the outline will just look a lot cleaner!Plus when you are bending your batten if you don’t bend the batten through to the tip of the tail you tend to end up with a curve that is a little to flat between the wide point and the tail measurement mark (12"), a little hip through that area definitely makes a big difference.

im a big fan of tucked edges . very positive and direct surfing. the board goes where ever you turn your body without having to baby or counter balance

Aloha silly:

I’m with you on the tucked edge, the board Chris mentioned has a tucked edge running the entire length of the rail, they are pure magic in my book!