Squin fins

Got some fins from an aussie shaper from yamba. Posts here as pridmore. Keen to try them out!!. Hope he doesnt mind me posting pics haha.

Will update with a ride report, though looks like flat for a few days.


I’ll be using the big ones with my standard ( thruster sized ) centre fin, and i’ll probably try the smaller ones with my 6.5’’ centre fin, in my 7’10’'. Can’t really use the trailer, but looks good!!.



Interested to hear how this goes, I’ve had conflicting visions in my head regarding how water interacts with hard-angles lately.


Immediately thought of this when I pictured them on a board:


Yeah im keen to try them out and see myself. I'll update when i get them wet.

Is it possibe you’ve stumbled on a solution to shark attacks? Can’t eat you, if they can’t find you!

thanks for posting those , mark !

i like a different fin or two [or five] , too…

can’t wait to hear how they go for you

thanks , pridmore ,

you got me thinking [always a dangerous thing , as i already have [i’ve been told!] “a VERY active imagination” [!!]



yes, me too, I have a bit of a different quiver of fins and I love them. I have some timber thrusters I am yet to try and a winged keel waiting to go in a board that I have designed for the fin....( thanks for the keel BF )...have sesveral other fins that I plan to make and try, just a matter of time and money...plenty of functional fin otions still not really being used....with the fin plugs, why wouldnt you play with different templates and fin designs ???

Tried the big ones out in my 7'10'' this morning, as side bites, and my 6.5'' centre fin. I wasn't gunna surf, as i'd finished a pretty crap night shift, but the waves were pretty good, head high to a bit over faces, fast breaking, holding up, light offshore's, and an easy paddle out due to a decent wait between sets, so i went out for a quick surf. Got two good right handers ( backhanders ), and then snagged one of the bigger rights. I was pumping on my backhand, something i've never really been able to do, and i was flying!!!. Not only that, turning was no issue at all, didn't seem to be any lag in initiating turns, which i sometimes get with my other setup. To be fair, the side fins i used today were full sized fins, where my normal shaped ones are side bite sized, so that may have helped turning.


Anyway, i had a great ( if brief ) surf with them. Very happy!!


Supposed to drop off by tomorrow am, but hopefully the wind and the shape stay the same.