sri lanka in february

Important question - just convinced my missus that it’s a good destination for a family holiday - now, does anyone have any suggestions as to where to stay? Aim - I get to surf within easy reach of hotel and wife and kids get good time too. She’s warned me - driving around and looking for surf will not be acceptable!

Got a Japanese friend that used to have a house there…he sold it because of political instability.

man i’d be careful, the tigers there aren’t very friendly

On a previous thread I made comments about the dangers of Sri Lanka and was promptly scolded and branded as a racist. Suffice to say there is a tenuous peace agreement in place at this time. There is still plenty of danger to go around. If I wanted to die, I wouldn’t take my wife and kids along for the ride. It is quiet there now compared to past times. There are some places that are just not appropriate for “western” women and children. There is a very good(all-be-it short) article about Sri-Lanka in the Most recent Trans-World Surf. Great looking waves. Use with caution. McDing

Hikkaduwa would be the place to head to in February various reef breaks but nothing of indo quality from what I understand. The recent Transworld article is from the other side of the island which if I understand correctly works more in the oposite season (Summer) and is traditionally the more dangerous side of the island - less so thse days hence all the recent publicity in recent years…Safe enough IMO

Check the World Stormrider guide and The Surf report

Hi Silverback

We were there in January and surfed a few places just east of Galle Harbour

There were no crowds and the surf was around 4 to six foot faces each day

We were there in a yacht so had to ride in a taxi each day which did not cost too much

However If you are ever going to die in a car crash the chances of it happening in Sri Lanka are about one thousand percent higher than any where else in the world!! be warned !


holy holiday back man lest the thought of anahola cross yer mind try… just a thought… ambrose…political rest and stability

Sri Lanka, aka Ceylon, Serendib, Milton’s Taprobane, Clarke’s Fountains of Paradise. I can see the draw for you. Never been there, but am told that there is spirituality and beauty, along with political unrest and as much adventure as one could want. Not to burst your bubble, but heed the aloha love of those who know the score. Just a thought from a fellow judoka.

interesting website ambrose…kauai now there’s a thought…what are the waves doing in Feb?

(checking airline prices…)

Silver Back.

Im from the Uk and have spent a far bit of time out there, I found it a great place to wait for waves but it is still very Much a third world (sorry) but it is, get ready for a little dirt and grime . The poeple there are super friendly and very helpful Ive never smiled so much in my life,Its ultra cheap $7 for a full lobster and rice salad etc, a minibus for the whole day will cost you about $30 including a driver. the tamil tigers are mainly in the north and you’ll be south west looking for waves at that time of year (ive never heard of any trouble in the south). hikaduwa is the main haunt for surfer who want to be lazy but there is really only one peak and it gets hell crowded, you may meet up with some one who would split on a mini bus to other breaks and there are many travelling further south. down to matara and dondra head i spent a week surfing alone (just me not even a buddy) on the reefs that face out from matara (polheana) and had pefect 4 to 6 foot surf for 4 days, perfect glass in the mornings, Id find my self paddling back out just laughing and shouting ‘‘oh my god check that barrel!!.’’… but …also waves can be fickle at times like anywhere i suppose and they’ll never be a mega challenge.

The waves you may see surfed in T campbell’s ‘sprout’ are on the east side which i too visited this summer season (june through august) and found quality rights one i surfed with 3 freinds which we nicked named disneys cause it looked like a cartoon in the morning glass off (think a severson picture).

get ready for a shock though if youve never been to india or the like. The common man in sri lanka lives at the basic end of human exsitence.

Enjoy your trip its truely an amazing place.


Been offline for a few days. Have you connected with anyone here about your possible vacation plans? No agenda, but Ambrose is the connection. Aloha.