St Augustine Surfers help please!!!

Hey I am going to visit Flagler next weekend,I arrive late thursday and tour the college friday afternoon. if there are waves could I please borrow a board. Also how cold is the water right now? I am pretty sure I will be fine as I have barebacked water for over an hour in water temps down to the upper40’s lower 50’s. Drewtang, Is there anyway I could tour your shop?

I’m glad you’re still considering Flagler, you won’t be dissapointed. The water is up to 68 deg. right now, you’ll have no problem skinning it. Keep an eye on for reports and forecasts throughout the week. I’ll be going on the road next weekend, but if you cruise by Friday morning I’d be stoked to show you the shop. You can call the shop, it’s (904) 829-9893. I’ve got plenty of boards for you to ride over the weekend if you need one. If you miss catching up with someone from Sways, the Surf Station II probably has more used boards than anywhere on the planet. It’s the best time to check out St. Auggie right now; waves are pretty consistent, it’s not too hot outside, it’s not raining everyday yet, everybody’s at the beach, there’s art shows all the time, and don’t forget to check out reggae sunday at the conch house!! If you’re dragging your family down with you don’t miss the Alligator Farm, it’s not as lame as you think, I go a couple times a year (it’s free for us). Anyway, have fun.