Stagger Lapping & Reverse Stagger Lapping

Has anyone tried “reverse” stagger lapping. By this I mean the first lap is shortest but still crosses over the rail onto the deck. Also thanks to Kokua for his scraper suggestion for taking down the staggers as sanding the lap edges down on this one doesn’t strike me as being too great for maintaining the integrity of the lap underneath. I will give both ways of staggering a shot when I finally get around to trying this way of laminating. Does anyone else have any other suggestions for this method of glassing. DeadShaper, am I still bitching?

I thought that you are always spose to lap the short one then the next one is a little longer

so your gonna do a triple rail lap?

I usualy do 1 layer on the bottom (plus fin patch) wrapped about 2" to the deck

flip and cut deck patch to outline of board (plus stomp patch)

cut second deck layer with about 2" wrap around bottom

this puts 2 layers on rails

boards seem good to me

have I been misled?

I’m just pondering something different that was suggested on another thread. So no, I don’t think you’ve been misled.

My laps are only about an inch. This puts my edge about mid way between my rail apex and the flat of the deck, right on the curvy top of the rail.

I guess your talking about doing the laps when multiple layers of cloth are used, ie 6/4oz on the bottom and double 6/4oz on the deck.

Usually I would do the bottom first (single layer) then cut the 1st layer on the deck to the middle of the rail then the 2nd layer on top of that laping under to the bottom and wet out at the same time.

The exveption to this is when I use tints, 1st layer on the deck is done as a full length deck patch terminating at the prev lap. with the second layer wrapping the rail.

the reason I always put the smaller layer on first is that it leaves less of a visible transision and doesn’t leave extra strands/ bumps, needing extra sanding.

If your talking about only using 1 layer of cloth on each side but making one lap sharter than the other, consider this the board gets a lot of strength from the lap, the longer you make your laps the stronger the board will be but the more work you will make for your self and the harder it will be to fold the lap.