Staining birch

hey all, just wondering if anyone has any experience with staining longboard skateboards and then glassing them with poly/poly.

Anything to avoid?

Thank you.

I don’t like staining birch or maple. Those woods tend to get blotchy w/ dark stains. I love to finish those two woods w/ clear finish only.

Agree with Epac on not staining, but if you must, you can avoid the blotchy look somewhat by “sealing” the wood first with a “washcoat” of shellac followed by oil stain of your choice.

Easiest way is buy a can of shellac from the hardware store and thin it 50% with denatured alcohol. It is usually sold in what is referred to as 3,4,or 5 pound cut (indicates how many pounds of shellac are dissolved per gallon of alcohol - higher the cut the thicker the shellac).

Brush on the thinned washcoat of shellac, let dry, lightly sand with 320 gt. or #0000 steel wool, then stain.

Lots of Drumkits that are Birch are Laquared. They look good.

Checkout some drum sites.


This is another non-surfing thread that I hesitate to respond to, but my interest in wood persuaded me to. My mentor, Mr. Richard Mc divulged the secret to success staining the two light hardwoods that I had learned the hard way on staining dark. Thanks for sharing that technique w/ us!

I don’t think that this skateboard builder is using solid wood, and my guess is that it is veneered plywood. What’s next wall hanger skateboards. I bet Herb has a few of those.