Stainless steel cable ring for leash attachment?

Hey everybody. Central Oregon coast surfer here, where the the swells and currents can get big against a rocky headland. Recently, after being pummeled by waves for a good hour and a half, the nylon string attaching leash and surfboard came undone/broke. I was trapped between the incoming waves and rip current coming off the headland, and my board was swept away were it quickly smashed into the headland and damaged the nose. Needless to say I want to prevent this from happening again, I had the idea of using a stainless steel cable loop that I can thread through the board and then thread the Velcro through both loops. No knots, no breaking cord. My only concern is that it is not elastic enough and could pop out the pin in the surfboard on a big wave. Thoughts? Thank you

Steel cable isn’t flexible enough to tie a knot in it.

If it’s that much of a concern, use twaron or Kevlar parachute cord.

Take a hard look at the next leash you buy. Every company who manufactures leashes makes entry level to extreme condition leashes. Stay Covered, Surf More, Da Kine and Hotline all make a high end leash that will handle Oregon’s extreme conditions. Cost a few more $$$ but well worth it. A rule of thumb I’ve used over the years is to buy a new leash every year whether I think I need it or not. Parachute cord is a good idea, but it is rated for strength. So check the package when you buy.

I’d also check the style of knot your using.

Pick one that will tighten as you pull on it. - the more force that’s applied to it the tighter it gets.

Also smooth out your leash cup edges.

If you are really concerned have a second leash plug installed and run two parachute cord strings thru the rail saver on the leash. If one snaps; the second one should hold as a fail safe.

yes you are correct, the lack of elasticity can cause your leash plug to fail instead. I used to use Spectra instead of regular parachute cord on the theory that “unbreakable” was the goal. Unfortunately the failure point just moved a bit… ripped out the metal bar from the leash plug.

my last session (knee high 45F east coast mush btw) the loop holding the leash to the board broke.
This was a borrowed epoxy longboard, some surftech derivative I think, with the leash attached through top of finbox.
Looking at it, the little rope had just chafed through over time on the hole’s edges at the deck.
There was even a beach cop eying me to see if I went back out with no leash.
Still a $$$ opportunity for them in January with no one out!
but I digress…
The normal kinds of leash cups have enough space for you to loop the cord through so you are threading the railsaver part of leash through 2 loops of this cord, which is plenty strong unless the cord used is bogus. Assuming you did this, it must have just been old and worn. Like the one I borrowed. Sometimes switching leashes around, the loop gets stored by larksheading it through itself so only one loop sticks out. Tempting to just attach leash to this half of the loop, but it’s only half as strong. This is also how it is with the “one hole through the box” attachment that broke on me.
Probably you know all this, and much more surfing out there in winter, but just putting it out there, 'cause it gives me the chance to complain about the beach patrol leg rope stink eye.

Just confirming that you use a loop of string, then push it into the cup and around the pin and loop it through itself?
The two strings on the cup edge seem to reduce chafe.
Never had the string fail before other components.
I’ve use nylon sash cord and it’s worked out fine for my 6’ boards.

It will probably do what Keith said, the leash cup will fail instead of the nylon cord. The big wave guys use double leash cups.

Most of the places I surf are more than a quarter mile off shore, some a half mile. Some places I surf are full of sea urchins and you don’t want to have to swim at low tide or you’ll certainly end up with lots of spines in your hands feet or wherever you touch the reef. I’ve had to surf with a broken leash wrapped around my waist more than a few times. I’ve had a leash break at the swivel, break where the ankle strap attaches to the leash meet (shitty leash), and the nylon cord either break or have the knot fail.

I’ve had the nylon cord fail during a big swell and ended up swimming 40 minutes once. Passed up being helped in twice then finally gave up when the 3rd lifeguard came out and said I should let them help me in. Humbling but a good learning experience. Lesson learned… check your gear before you go out into waves of consequence. If you need the leash to save your ass or your board, you better check it. When I was younger we didn’t use the leash on bigger days because we thought they were dangerous. Seemed safer swimming in than being dragged or getting tangled up. We called them ding strings because they kept our boards from hitting the rocks before we could swim in and get them. Nowadays the leash is a crutch.

Yes those metal bars can rip right out. Been there. Done that. And; Why I recommend two plugs for heavy Surf.

Swim to the beach on a big day at Cojo’s(8’plus) during ElNino, no wetsuit, no cord, just trunks and tell me about it. My compadres were assholes and couldn’t believe I took off on the set wave right outta the boat. They had been piddling with five footers while I set the anchor and drank a beer. Oh! And they were fully wet suited from ankle to wrist. I went over the falls on the take off. Swam all the way to the beach. Walked up on the sand; picked up my three stringer with red fin and proceeded to paddle back out. In the mean time they had all ridden shit waves and were sitting or paddling back out well inside the “hidden” rock. Boom a set approaches. I let the first wave or two pass and wave the third one to me. Take off, make the drop in a little top turn and squat as I pull up inside a Hynson photo tube. No my leash didn’t break. That’s another story(Drakes) I wasn’t using one. My asshole bros were sitting inside on the shoulder watching in awe. Classic. I was at a Hobie party once and told Hynson about it. He got that twinkle in his eye. Lowel

Also known as kitesurfing leader line, this stuff is the most cut resistant line in existance. I install it on all my boards.

Curious, does installing a leash cup right into a wooden stringer make it any stronger/weaker?

Yes of course it is stronger.

Be redundant, use two loops of cord if you find that to be the weak point of the chain.

You have to be careful on the install of a leash plug. It’s a common mistake for a beginning builder to either set the plug in the board too high or too low. Too low and you burn thru and weaken glass around the plug. Results in the need for various “fixes”. Too high and you grind off too much of the plug. The result being a weaken leash plug. Likely on a big day that the bar will pull out. I do a thru the fin box on my longboards. I’ve recently decided to switch over to the Futures plug on my shortboards. Being that it is an under the glass can’t miss install.

i’ve seen derek hynd and others use two leashes at the same time.

i believe the further back you can put the leash attachment point the less pull the wave will have on the board.

I think it’s just a matter of maintenance. Inspect your leash cord, inspect the knot, and run your hand along the leash and check for any nicks and if all is good, you should be set to go.