Stains after lamination..

hi all,

it’s not the first time I see this happen…

I’m working as clean as possible,

blank is clean, fiberglass is clean, alwayes wear latex


the thing is that after laminating , two kinds of stains apear:

  1. some fibers turn black (and I can swear they were white- transperent before). it might be only one fibre at the

    length of not more than 1-2 inch.

  2. an area lets say 20x20cm gets a light pink\red colour.

    the eps was white and clean before laminating.

I’m using eps and epoxy and can’t really find where I went


has anybody encounter this problem before?

oh almost forgot-

I sometimes see the same pinkish colour on my gloves.

maybe some kind of bad reaction between latex and epoxy?

or maybe it’s the powder that’s inside the gloves that

is responsible to the weird colour ?

I don’t know.

any help appriciated,


Never come across it myself. Are you putting your hands on something before glassing?

…happens sometimes with non premium surfboard cloth

like volan, etc

I solved this stuff sometimes with acetone sometimes cutting the ropes or getting rid of the layer(doing fin panels) in the same moment that I d lam

The last board I glassed turned up with a thumb print sized dark mark after lam. I was using white pigment and it still showed through. From now on I watch the supplier roll the glass out if I’m buying less than a whole roll and make sure they wear gloves.

Howzit Lee, reverb has it right. Most companies steam clean the fiberglass and some don’t, you see this a lot with S-glass. Aloha,Kokua

besides what the guys have already told you regarding glass from factories and new gloves(rinse them before using to get off that dust they come with, sometimes that will stain but thats more of a yellowish color, at least the ones i use.)

are you using any sort of cleaning solution like acetone or something?? if you are and it’s dirty, drops of it on your squeege will stain the glass/board during the lamination process… or drops of it can drip off your glove and stain it too. also check your bucket too, make sure the inside is super clean. stir stick too! everything has to be checked to make sure you have nothing that can transfer or “melt” into the resin/epoxy bucket and stain your lamintion. also check the table where you are mixing, maybe your picking up some crap on the bottom of the bucket and it’s dripping onto the board.

these type of things can drive you insane till you figure out what the cause is.

good luck and tell us if you ever figure out what it was, i would love to know!


I have had some smokey looking stains like swirls running across some s glass I have used lately. It was definitely in the glass as I sanded some of it out and reglassed. It was on sections of the cloth that were not the outside of the roll. Doesn’t show up often and is only about 6-8" wide running rail to rail. Knock on wood but I haven’t seen this on the E cloth I use from the same manufacturer.

Dave D

When I’m not glassing I always cover my glass rolls in the rack with a beach towel to keep any random dust from landing on them.

No matter where or how clean you think you’re being, a layer of dust or bits of whatever will settle on the roll and, of course, only show up after the resin hits it.

 Howzit Dave, S-glass doesn't get steam cleaned which is one reason it is stronger than E-glass.Aloha,Kokua

thanks for the replies,

as for the black fibers I really don’t have a clue, but after reading what u guys say I think

we found a suspect who’s responssible for the pink mark.

just before lamminating the deck I asked my friend , the future owner of this board, if he wants me to add a deck patch

( well it’s gonna be a sup!!), he said it’s a good idea and since I didn’t have enough fiberglass and since the fiberglass supllier was closed,

I borrowed some from a friend that just had his board glassed and had some leftovers.

this was his first board and I believe he didn’t treat the fabric with enough caution , therefore I think he just might have contaminated

the glass in some way resulting that pink mark on my board.

the mark\stain also apeard only where the deck patch is , pointing that this has somthing to do with the glass I took from him.

here are some pics:

Old latex gloves rot or perish and turn pink/brown, that can transfere to glass, happened to me a few time if I picked up an old pair of gloves, try switching to nitrate gloves.

…that s exactly the “dirt” that comes with the not so good fiberglass