Stand up at Malibu

Is that a ‘whitie fin’ behind Laird? Paddle! Mike

I actually had Laird drop in on me on his stand up board at Malibu.

Smiles were swopped.

It was probably one of the highlights of my surfling life.

On a later wave I saw him do a flawless helicopter (walk to the nose, swing tail around 180, then another 180 back to original position).

Laird is a King.

I actually had Allen Sarlo drop in on me on a 1 1/2 overhead set wave at the 'Bu. I have to admit I wasn’t smiing. What would have been one of the highlights of my surfing life…wasn’t.

Allen is a realtor.

ps He did shred the wave a lot better than I could ever hope to and he is like the alpha local there, but why me?

LOL. Not sure if Sarlo and Laird are even in the same universe.

I was surfing Malibu about 20 years ago on an overhead day when Allen Sarlo paddled out and was ripping it. Extremely powerful. Others were ripping it too. And then Saun Tomson paddled out and took it to another level. Big eye opener. Mike

All great surfers…the earlier mention of “drop-ins” …ah…seems to apply all the way around…

Coincidence? I don’t know.

My wife was carpooling north on PCH recently and saw a guy riding a huge surfboard carrying a paddle…saw this from PCH as she drove by…talk about larger than life.

None of them in my surf universe, a fairly quiet place on the edge of time and space.

If kayaks are not allowed in the lineup at the 'Bu, should these paddle devices allowed?

Join the fracas and win everytime with a Hobie 16. Designed by Phil Edwards and M. Muñoz I think. Made to surf.

“It’s ok to Stand Up”


There is an artist in L.A. I once heard interviewed on the radio…Jim something…Price? Can’t remember the last name, can’t remember the exact quote, but I think about that long lost radio interview every time I go to or past Malibu…the actual radio waves have probably by now gone long past the sun…would love to find the notebook I wrote the real words in…to horribly paraphrase…

Art is a wide open canvas…bring your own gasoline!