stand up inflatable surfboards....

Hi Dale (gotcha!) -

I saw Uliboard in “Surfing” Buyer’s Guide. Checked website and see that they’ve improved their designs and offer several sizes.

In some of the photos, it actually looks like the boards are working.

Could not find weight of boards on website.

I forget which movie but somewhere I saw a clip of Roba Machado on the 5’10" fish in Japon. Even he couldn’t ride one very well.

I’m not saying you’re gonna go out and win the WCT (LOL) - Just that they have come a long way in the design department… check the rails and rocker:



Hi John,

Cool stuff, actually the board shape looks almost identical to this 9’6" . . . . super fat constant section rails and 4 inches thick. . . . a shape which is really amazing in super tiny waves (especially with the tunnel) catches everything, and it rolls, slides, and slithers !

An inflatable board would be a blast, nice and safe, we could play bumper boards!

I wonder if they work like Dale’s mats re. flexible bottom contours etc ?

just checked out the peter mel clip…hmmm… he doesn’t seem to be able to get any speed…although stalling for the barrel works well…

I think the idea is brilliant… but how are you going to make someting inflatable rigid enough?

I felt one at the surf expo in orlando. I was surprised at how stiff it really was. I don’t know how its done but they are pretty interesting. Saw them again on ripley’s believe it or not! the other day. Donavon Frankenrieter (sp?) was riding one and it looked like it was only really capable of down the line tracky surfing.