Stand up paddle Skiing - yeah, skiing

Well, um…

I can see the groin muscle rips and pulls a plenty.

That thing is a lawsuit wating to happen.

Yeah, just like all the lawsuits against ski manufacturers for the very same reasons?

This is like Nazi Germany or the KKK, we … ah … paddleskiiers … Skiipaddlers yea skidaddlers have every right to Skidaddle where we please. Not all Skiidaddlers are dicks, I Skidaddle on 7’ Daddle sticks and can rip, I used to ride shortboards but love the core workout I get Daddling… Skidaddling is here to stay so we all have to get along… f@%C longboards tho.

This may yet be the answer to the next thing in surf craft thread....and it only took five years to develop!

There was a how to build artical in popular Mechinecs in the 1950 or 60s . Some where around here I still have it. So for shure it’s nothing new!!

I like his costume, especially those dairy farmer boots.