Stand Up Paddle Surfing


start surfing it to get the feel of it

then paddle it in your knees

then paddle it up on your knees

then try and stand up and paddle around

your quads will burn i think

it almost feels like standing on a wobble board and then trying to move yourself around

kneeling, paddling into a wave, and then standing up is not as easy as it might seem – think knuckle pushup

paddling out is fun

when you catch a wave you move – can you say momemtum

still experimenting with, well everything

feet parallel?

one foot slightly slightly forward

stand in middle?

stand back a bit?

knees bent a good amount?

turn paddling backwards or forwards and in a circle?

catch a wave way early?

leash or no leash?

my guess, overall, it all about just doing it over and over

i haven’t had it out in calm water yet

does anyone have any suggestions?

getting the board to the water is not the easiest thing by the way

anyone seen any videos of people doing this?

it is really fun – i can understand why people get addicted to it

a noble post and no one replied?

yes lad you truly have the genisis.

the revealed facets aare coming to y’all

paddle far and paddle quick

paddle slow on the way home

and are tick u late every stroke

learn the paddle from the inside

then when you hear coaching

you will have a grasp of the topic

and wont become a dogma saturated


stick the paddle in

and pull the board up

to meet the inserted blade

maybe become a paddle voyuer

and paddle the old town canoe

or the grumann aluminum

or paddle the colorado on yer standup

down the big chutes


scary safari


heres a picture of me surfing wall street

the day surfing goes public on the stock exchange

inspired personal endevor is the best gaurantee

against lockstep mentality and surfing stagnation

There are some DVDs of the Buffalo Big Board contest at Makaha out there in the world- some great stuff on those. Amazing how wobbly it all is at first isn’t it?

it really is amazing how wobbly/unstable it is at first. i am starting to get used to it, but it’ll def take time with my limited amount of time in water these days.

The highest center of gravity, the least amount of body contact with board, the greatest wind resistance, all whilst waving around a long paddle.

Can’t imagine why SUP would be wobbly/unstable…???

but for those of us genetically designed with a low center of gravity (I believe the technical term in Australia is ‘shortarse’ but you’d have to ask Chip) and some thigh strength, it’s a little more functional and, from my brief dabblings with it, a LOT of fun on a small day. Having a paddle and more foam on a small day opens vistas of fun beyond trying to milk some speed out of a log (no disrespect to the longboarders intended- I rode my friend’s Tyler in knee high surf and loved it last week, trouble is he wanted it back.) How a 6’+ guy like Laird and the other SUP guys manage, and how Carve Nalu pulls those rides he posts photos of, that’s pretty amazing. From mats to SUP there’s a lot of offshoots of the art to be explored. MAybe someone should build and test one of those surfboard with a gaff sail rigs that Tom Blake was using back in the day…

Doesn’t sound very appealing when you put it that way