Statement from Geoff McCoy

It has been brought to my attention that in recent weeks on this site many claims were made by individuals stating to be affiliated with McCoy Surfboards or Geoff McCoy Designs as partners, franchises, agreements and such.

I would like to clarify the situation completely by saying "NONE" of, it is true on any level, McCoy's appointed agents are displayed on our website and our general promotions.

McCoy Surfboards or Geoff McCoy Designs are only produced in Australia by traditional construction and no other country at all, McCoy is a small operation and all boards are shaped in Australia and this is the only way you can get a genuine McCoy.

Those from outside Australia portraying to be connected to McCoy or Geoff McCoy Designs are complete hoax !  with very little or no knowledge of the design and shaping concepts I use in producing a surfboard.

If you have purchased or ridden these boards parading around as my designs don't judge the real McCoy by them.

My true designs are full of subtle  features that simply can't be copied without the knowledge, skill and craftsmanship that is the hallmark of my designs.


The louder the voice, the less the knowledge.


McCoy agents and distributors are:

Plunging Surf Japan

Down The Line UK

Antony Dickson Hong Kong

McCoy in Manly Australia

Factory / Showroom Byron Bay Australia


Keep surfin

Geoff McCoy

Welcome to the forum  Geoff. 



  haaa’ geoff    you have little hope off geting through to     THE CHILDREN OF THE 40 YR COCOON


**                               cheers huie

Welcome Geoff, a lot of people have been waiting a long time for this, I can hear the Mccoy zealots frothing.....Now this is a thread worth following!

I love the Mccoy threads they are so passionate, brothers tearing strips off each other. Hopefully this thread will last a week or two before being shut down......but if not history has been made:) 


Welcome Geoff.

I hope this turns into an informative design thread and not another wreck.

I Have had along time interest in McCoy  Boards and designs.  Back in The late 70's early 80's I recall seeing a number of McCoy boards in Ca. 

   I see that there isn't any outlets in The USA.  Is there any plans in the works to distribute or at least get a trained McCoy shaper and or factory open in The US?

What about surftech?


What’s this about?









McCoy Surfboards or Geoff McCoy Designs are only produced in Australia by traditional construction and no other country at all, McCoy is a small operation and all boards are shaped in Australia and this is the only way you can get a genuine McCoy.


What about surftech?


What's this about?






Ask the mods to either close and remove this thread or allow a full discussion because this letter,  if written by Geoff at all it is slanderous and quite simply not true that no agreement was created and signed.  Keep in mind that the myspace site and the site on facebook are run by his godson not by Geoff.  At least that is what he told me.  I'm will say this,  the above is a letter written to me by Geoff's representative as a cover letter of a good faith contract signed by both Geoff and his representative.   This is non refutable unless Geoff want's to admit he didn't sign the contract and got someone else named Geoff to forge his signature.   Don't believe me? Find the former swaylocks member who also had a contract.   Don't believe that?  There were other agreements made also with with other folks in the past.  This is simply par the course for this label I am sad to say.  I'm also happy to have Geoff posting here if that is in fact him.   


Here is the challenge and the only one that really matters in a few threads of lies and rhetoric.  If Geoff believes I am doing something illegal and that there has been no signed contract, he should have a his lawyer send me a cease and desist letter and I'll have mine respond ( completey ridiculous ).  A real lawyer by the way, not his sander, glasser or shop manager.  Even better, Geoff knows how to get in touch with me directly and deal with some of this stuff like men.  Something he didn't do when I spoke with him personally three weeks ago.   I spent not a small amount of money gearing up to produce McCoys and Geoff writes that off as if it does not matter.  Again...don't be so sure Geoff wrote this. I'm not saying he didn't, it sounds a lot like him, but thing about his Godson still has me wondering.


The contract is still valid, regardless of if Geoff decided he didn't want to continue it or others he made.  It has been out of respect for Geoff " claiming " to want to pull back to hand shaping only that it has not been carried out fully, not because it lacks validity.   Also, the other agreement that exist is the person who I deal with on this label.  I have dealt with the label through G.P. since the mid ninties and bought boards from him since the early eighties. If Geoff has an issue with that he should also deal with G.P. directly instead of coming on a public forum or sending his cronies to take shots they only have one side of. 


BTW: I don't claim to be associated with McCoy's business in Australia.  My site clearly says Greg Pautsh shapes the boards and in my news section that Geoff has been one of our greatest influences.   On e mails since we were attempting to get McCoy going in the U.S. my statement to folks if is if they want a McCoy and are willing to pay $1500 they should should order from Geoff.  I have never attempted to discourage anyone from doing business directly with him.  Unlike what some of his cronies and one insane individual have attempted to do to me here.

What I have produced has never been claimed to be an exact copy of what Geoff does because that is impossible. It's impossible for Geoff to hand make an exact copy of anything.  Anyone that has been around surfboards awhile knows this to be true because no two blanks are the same.  This is the magic of hand shaping surfboards vs putting them on a machine ( which are pretty much hand shaped also since they have to be finished by hand )  What we do is attempt to produce boards using the same philosopy as McCoy has always done and this would include G.P. as close as we can possibly get to the original with a couple of models that are my own personal boards and our own shapers ideas with the rest. Which can be judged on their own merit.  Also, many of the designs came from Cheyne Horan's movie scream in blue put out in 1987 not Geoff McCoy and those were done by boards I have owned over the years.  Those boards from that movie were not shaped by McCoy either, but a variety of shapers.   It's no small coincidence that the designs look similar. 


I might add that no one owns any of these designs and many shapers produce their versions around the globe with no reference to McCoy which I " always " give with reverence.  If we truly want to get picky about who owns what and no credit being being given then Geoff and others need to send Velzy's family some money for creating and making famous the pig which looks very similar to a nugget or the guy in Hawaii Geoff said in his article influenced his rails and bottoms.   Do you see how silly this is and how the claims that only so and so can do this or that is nothing more than marketing.

Most folk that have dealt with Geoff don't want to see him hurt and do want to see him get his proper credit.  However, some of us do expect even the great Geoff McCoy to shoot straight and be honest and not act like the many folks he complains about from within the industry.  It would be easy to pick apart some of the claims and such over the years, but what would be the point?  No one is attempting to ride Geoff's coat tails or make some fictitious loads of profit from his name.  Anything done by myself has been 100% passion about something that is hard to obtain the U.S. 


So...I will end this how I end most of my e mails to folks inquiring about McCoy.  If you want a true hand shaped McCoy done by Geoff himself that is from the person who came up with the name Nugget and other design names and whose philosophy was invented by him...then you should pony up and send him a check. If you are in the U.S. this will run you about $1500 and there will be no money given back for damage through poor packing or fin boxes that don't fit fins done in America.   If you can't afford one of those then there are other people out there who love the designs, have reverence for where they came from and who personally ride them... that will do their best to make you a board you will enjoy.  If that doesn't do, you should try and shape one yourself or use your own trusted shaper.  I pesonally think the designs are great and the history of the accomplishments by Geoff will likely never be told.  Sad that it's gone in this direction and even more sad that bitterness has involved others who would otherwise just remain stoked.   I stand by all my earlier statements that McCoy is one of the best shapers our sport has ever produced.  


As for the McCoy label.  Don't sign things or make agreements you don't plan on living up to.  Be a big boy about it and deal with it like a man.  No one has harmed you in any way.  Just the opposite.  Ask yourselves a question with reference to Geoff's agent list:  Why is an American agent absent? Ask why those he contacted didn't want to touch it with a ten foot pole.