Stepchild pics

Hey all.

Was hoping someone might offer up a side view of the Brom Stepchild so that I can get a looksy at the rocker and foil.



I too would love to know more about the Stepchild than what has already been said in the archives. My next project is a bisect wooden hollow travel board and the Stepchild design seems like a good inspiration for that project.

I already built a bisect hollow wooden…in my head. I’ve been thinking in that project long ago. Tell me about you idea.


Don’t use the word ‘bisect’ or talk about a 2-piece take-apart surfboard. Its patented & they get really touchy. I remember an Austrian or German guy in here a year ago who showed in-progress photos of a home-built take-apart and Thane posted a pretty serious “cease and desist” type order. I was surprised, but I don’t have any patents so I wouldn’t know about defending them…

you can make it…you just can’t sell it.

First of all, I by no mean attempt to copy the pope bisect technology and I apologize if you think I’ve wrongly used the term bisect. From now on I’ll speak about a two-part surfboard.

Second, I’m just a garage builder and I do not plan on starting a company and market some two-parts travel boards.

Third, what I have in mind is fairly different from the bisect technology in the sense that, from what I’ve seen on the strength comes from the tube that serves to connect the two halves. My project does not use any tube, all the strength comes from the board’s skin.

Here’s one of my initial drawings. Note that this is an old drawing, several things have change since then but I don’t have any drawings to show you.

I’ve seen that drawing before, here in swaylocks.

I prefer the tube thing, seems to be more resistant. And I think it spread the stress in a larger area.

I don’t think 1/8’’ skin will hold the two halves together. But a whole support for the pipe must be built inside the board to hold it well.

I must re-think it again…


I know Brom is registered here as Magicman… you have to pry him out of his cave. Or, you could call or e-mail him. He has a web-site.

Be nice, he’s grumpy.

Hey Dee,

Brom has several Stepchild models at the BeachHouse in Santa Barbara that you could check out. If you live in the area of course. I looked at them yesterday and was intrigued. They resemble The Ugly Stick (Con?), with the wide flat nose. The one I looked at seemed to have more rocker as well.

While you’re there check out the pink fish with the panties pulled over the tail. There’s a selling point for you.


This prior thread has some pics of a couple Stepchildren. They are awesome looking boards!;search_string=stepchild;#167329


I’ve seen that drawing before, here in swaylocks.

Yep, I’ve posted that drawing before… As I said, I’ve had that idea for quite some time.


I don’t think 1/8’’ skin will hold the two halves together. But a whole support for the pipe must be built inside the board to hold it well.

You’re right, 1/8" skin may not hold but my project is about a hollow board. And with hollow boards, all the strength comes from the skin and we’re talking about a thicker/stronger skin.

Thanks epac, Your posts always make me laugh … SB

Nice to hear from you again MM. How are the kids down the block?

And little Coral? I hear she’s been growing like a weed.

I know Chip and Hicksey are chomping at the bit w/ questions.

Also, the fish have been on fire all over the place. How many have been produced in the last few years? What changes have evolved?

Thanks, C.R.S.III

God knows … have fun !


I know what you mean about his (Brom’s) fishes. I’ve noticed several of them during my last few sessions at Rincon as well as Ventura. A few weeks ago I talked with a guy at Rincon that had a bright yellow one. It was his first session out with it and was concerned that he wouldn’t figure it out. Well guess what? He had by the end of the session and had the biggest sh1t eatin’ grin on his face. That was one happy customer! :slight_smile:

I miss Coral. I don’t laugh enough…


Coral just walked by with Bonta. Quite the couple, Bonta pushing a shopping cart full of Booger Boards, and Coral with a brand new Stepchild under her arm, that she got for her birthday, with the words " I LOVE NEWBALOGNA", sprayed on it, above the words … have fun !

Nice to see you (here) again Magicman!

I’ve seen one of your GunFishes lately: NICE job, as always.

I still have that awful leopard fish at home… it needs some restoration now, i loved the way it rode. Thanks for all your help.

Keep wet!


PS: I miss Coral too…