i have a blank for free 9-5s that was damaged in shipping.

so im thinking of making a stepdeck out of it.

was thinking of 9’3" stub noserider but stepped, problem is cant find any side pics of a stepdeck to judge how thin and what rocker curve in the nose.

any help?


the 95s is already kinda flat in the deck the stepping wont take much the profile is as far as I see a matteer of keeping the transition elongated so as to reduce the concentrated fragility inherent in the "stepdeck’ design the transition is where the flex break point is …the ones I’m making now I’m musing about a reinforcement on the top as well as bottom {I-Beam] right by the transition area…as I cut the two or three passes I was thinking about the penetration into the core foam making the density top and bottom different but now as I am typing I see that maybe tis matches the amount of passes I take off the bottom anyway as I was milling the dora deck rail channels feature crossed my mind a long hard think I tried to intelectually understand when I owned a clear “Cat model” black fin …the toe pocket depression in the rail allowed for micro adjustments whilst in Le trimme on the elongated pointractions of the Mythical trimlines of The Maliwu…the profile Ive always been comfortable with is at one third transition Ive seen some farther back but that makes a funny paddling feel laying prone and farther forward Ive seen while it reduces swing weight it seemrd misplaced in all but a hobie Tandem Board that resided in santa cruz arround 1965…{ a hobie shop rat trap] that allowed a paddle spot for the forward partner… ambrose…the steps from the end of Brother Buzz ‘the latham foundation for humane education’ to think that stuff iresides within us 50 years later

oh, man…are there some broken buttons on your keyboard? namely the ‘comma’ and ‘period’…cuz that gave me a bit of a headache.

Finished tail thickness 12" up: 1 3/4"

Finished nose thickness 12" back: 1 3/8"

Finished thickness 36" back from tip: 2 3/4"

Step starts around 44" back.

If the blank has over 4" of nose rocker, don’t bother.

The 9’5"S may not be the ideal blank for this application. Think 10’3".

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Ambrose, I know just what you mean. I also think faster then I type/write, and sometimes I talk faster then I think, and my words come out all messed up. I was told once by a teacher that this was the signs of a smart person. So I keep telling myself Ambrose is just a whole lot smarter then your are Bagman, just except that.

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I love stepdecks, I just can’t seem to get the right one under my feet. See you soon Ambrose.