steps for ding

hello, new to the site. 2 questions. I noticed on this forum many guys doing ding repairs in the steps of q cell and lam resin mix to fill, then sanding, then fiberglass with sanding resin, then sanding, then a hot coat, then final sand. I had looked around the web and found some manual for ding repairs when I first started and kind of put them all together to make an easy ding repair. Instead of letting the q cell and lam resin filling dry I lay my glass down on the mix and then saturate it with sanding resin. Really combining steps 1 and 2, then I’ll sand then a hot coat, and sand. Does it weaken the repair or maybe is there a chemical based problem in doing this? I was also wondering if anyone has a trick to holding sanding resin in place. It tends to drip away from the repair when fixing a ding on the rail. I’ve heard of wrapping the repair in seran wrap to get a nice gloss finish would you do this to hold the resin in place? thanks guys

you want glass to lay flat/flush  when you lam… basicaly you want
the glass to cover the mold created by qcell for strengh.otherwise
chunks could break off @ later impacts

might get away with it on some small dings but it mostly cause my work
in the end.