stepup fin configuration

I just wanted to get people opinions of what fin setup they prefer on theyre stepup board.






I always rode my stepup boards as thruster and I figured I would try something different so I started riding a 6’10’’ Campbell brothers bonzer a few years back and was blown away how well it performed in solid surf.

Then recently I rode a round pin quad in bigger surf and felt like it was to fast for bigger surf. Has anyone had that experience? I want to give the quad some time to get used to but i feel like I should just stick with what feels best.

I have never understood the concept of a board being ‘‘too fast.’’ It means you CAN take-off farther back, or even on the other side of the peak, and still make the wave. Give that ‘‘too fast board’’ a chance to open new relms for you. You can always stall the board to make the ride more challenging.