Steve Brom

Does anyone know steve brom’s contact info or does he have a website?

I should?

try the resources section,I believe it’s there.Herb


Thanks Herb I’ll check there


I couldn’t find it there. If you think you know it I would really appreciate it. I’m also looking for info on Gary Hanel. Thanks

Call the Beachouse in Santa Barbara for Steves #. Call Moonlight Glassing for Garys # Thatill get it . You have good Taste these guys are the #@!T. Good luck.KP.

Steve’s site is under “surfenginez” *sp? in the resources,I just checked, or do what Capt. Kirk says he knows whatz up.Herb


Thanks for the help. Nothing like doing research for a new board. Not quite as fun as riding it, but still fun.

From the Archives: Posted by MagicMan

check out>>> lots of cool fishies>>> -steve Thank you gentelmen. Especially you Gene. That’s the correct Web address. The correct e-mail is . The correct phone is(805)962-3678. The boards are expensive. They are developed in series of ten, numbered, signed and guided thru the whole process by me personally. I guarantee you one of the most memorable surfing experiences, that you will ever have and remember. Or, people that I’ve never met before their fishing experiences on my equipment, have offered to express to anyone that’s interested, what their up to the moment comments are regarding their fish. I’d be happy to pass along their e-mail. You won’t be sorry. Steve Brom