Steve Forstall/Coda/Greg EPS Blanks for sale??

I posted this in reply to another thread, but in hindsight, it belongs in its own topic.

here is the link to that thread, great pic that got me super stoked…

"does anyone know if Steve offers his 2# blanks for sale to the general public, like myself. I have gone thru the whole Home Depot EPS make your own blank phase, and it isnt worth the hassle in my current living arrangement. (Rented 2 bedroom apt) Too messy, not enough room. I love working with EPS, but I’ll get evicited for sure. I am excited about trying 2#, it seems alot easier to shape then the 1#. "

Anyway, anyone with info about getting blanks from either steve or Greg would be appreciated…

i’d like to get one of steve’s blanks already glued up with the wedge stringer. anyone know if he’d be down for that??

Soulstice…seems as though we are interested in the same thing…If I can get any further info, I’ll post it here. There are some phone numbers and such for steve in the archives, and I know I could technically just show up at his bay, but I hesitate to just contact him up without knowing first if he does in fact sell blanks…I’d feel like a real tool if he wasn’t willing to sell blanks, and I contacted him asking to reap the benefits of his hard work without actually buying a board from him. Which I may do soon, if I can financially get it together…the Coda boards that have been posted here lately are inspiring to say the least.

definitely, man. i’m looking to net a 9’0". i’ve got a buddy willing to sell me a blank, but he glues his up from a big block that’s only 1’ wide. pain in the butt for him to glue me up a wedge.

Steve makes a fine board and talks a good line. Can’t make business decisions for him, but I can say give him a call. That is the best way to find out.

If Steve won’t maybe Sam will. He’s right next door to Steve.

Sam will for sure. I buy blanks all the time from him. Call him at

Gregs factory number. But don’t call him until he has finished mine. ha

Greg, thanks for the info…thats awesome to hear. How much does he charge for blanks? And what option are there for rocker, size, and stringer? Any more info you have would be appreciated…

Any other info??


Aloha, You can bring up the web site and click on the CODA (Steve Forstall) advertisement and it will get an e-mail address up for you …

Steve’s phone number is 321.698.7342 and his e-mail address is At least that what is was a few months ago.

Steve is a great guy and straight shooter. A true craftsman!


Thanks for the info guys…as usual, I wouldn’t get anywhere without sways!! Thanks again!