Steve Lis fans

O.K. guys I just talked to Steve's wife Betsy and he has a e-mail address you can use to get in touch. She said he was shaping a board for somebody on the East coast, Lucky guy. Aloha,Kokua 

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That would be our own Dubstar getting the Lis. Lucky bastard!!!

just to jump on a thread for Steve Lis fans, I hope this comes up readable ??

It’s a “second glance” article that 'Surfer ’ mag did on him in August 2000…


hey guys

I hope that’s me she’s referring to! I’m more or less expecting a nice long wait :slight_smile:

I have a great Lis article from about 72, I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll try to scan it and post soon.

this is the first page:

Howzit dubstar, I think Betsy said the board was for a surfer in N. Carolina, but I may be wrong, where are you located. Aloha,Kokua

hi kokua

yeah, I think it’s too soon to be mine, I’m in New York…


yes , please do dubstar !

I’d love to see that original article !

My mag collection starts after that year, unfortunately ! [I think my brother and his mates used to cut up the old issues and stick 'em on the walls]


Howzit dubstar, I’ve got to go to steve’s for a chat and maybe I can find out when your board will start the process, what name did you use when you ordered the board. Betsy said Steve was also making a new board for the Pine Trees longboard contest that is supposed to be a nose rider but Betsy called it on him and said “when do you ever nose ride”.Aloha,Kokua

hi kokua

I went through Rich so I don’t know if those are handled differently (also ordered a Pavel quad) and it’s going to be a 5’5 twin keel with wood gephart keels and cream tinted resin…after talking with Rich, it was ordered as a kneeboard / stand-up “Bunker” board…

thanks much!

Howzit dubstar, A Bunker board, that’s a trip. I knew Bunker pretty well and he rode some really off the wall boards and made it look easy. I had a good surf with Bunker the last time he was here ( had a house in Haena) before going to the great beyond and he was still riding those tiny boards. Aloha,Kokua

yeah, I think Rich meant the way Bunker could and switch back and forth between kneeriding and stand-up on really small boards…it’s still going to be a Lis outline twin keel fish, I’ve seen photos of some of those little pod like things Bunker sometimes rode, I’ve readf about him at J Bay on a Lis fish…leaving all the dimensions and such up to Steve, obviously!