Steve Lis Keel Fins

Dear fellow Swaylockians, 


I am in search of an original Steve Lis keel fin template for a research project in the works. The image in the 1977 design book circling the Interweb doesn’t provide a good visual. Anyone have a 1:1 scale outline or template that they care to share?



You will find a template for Steve Lis keel fin in J.F. Kinstle book titled, Surfboard Design and Construction.

hope this helps

mid 70’s lis fish


Thanks sdrepairman! Very much appreciated.



Anyone know where I can purchase a Lis keel fin in San Diego? There was some info in the archive which is most likely outdated.



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i would try and get in touch with Larry Geppart ( not sure if i spelled his last name right)

i know hes ben doing fins for steve off an on for a long time

i haighly dout you will find a set of fins that came off the board

but good luck to ya


Lance, is that you?

Here is a scan from the book.  It states dimensions at 9" X 5".  The graph squares are 1/4".  You should be able to figure it out.  Note the difference in trailing edge between diagram and photo of old board... I don't believe they were all the same.


[img_assist|nid=1062913|title=Lis Keel|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=0|height=0]

Thanks everyone for the insights. I will report back if I am able to track down any real fins and provide any contacts that I make.


Worst case scenario is that I take John's advise and sketch out the 1977 design book measurements.

You can get Gephart keels from True Ames.  The template looks the same as the keels on the old Lis fish shown above.  Mike

Thanks rooster! I will check out the True Ames keels.



Looks like the Gepharts with the shorter base.  I’ve got a set upstairs right now.  Beautiful foils.  Mike