Stewart Hydro Hull, input needed

So I’m looking around for a longboard in my area now and I found a guy that has a 10’0’’ Stewart Hydro Hull, boardworks construction.  I was originally looking for a noserider, and had my eye on the infinity rad noserider, and a couple other similar outline models.

Could anyone support some feedback on Stewart Hydro hull boards, I’m not too familiar with his shapes.  The size is cool with me, I am just curious if this type of longboard could provide some nose time and such.  Any other comments on Stewart boards would be good as well.


Thanks in advance,


i had a 7’0 ish stewart hydro hull in hawaii that i rode for a couple of months, mostly as BAYFRONT when it was super lined up and fast, worked alot like a really good displacement hull, super fast and capable of propelling surfer through huge arcing bottom turns, awesome board, never ridden a stewart longboard and honestly don’t think id ever want to, if you want a noserider grab an andreini owl…


are you going to hit the rivermouth tommorow evening? should be pretty effing good…




Thanks, will take that in to consideration.


Yeah, rivermouth was way to fogged today.  Probably hit it tomarrow later in the afternoon early evening.   Seaguls were crazy thick