Stewart Sixty Six?

Does anyone have any info on the 1980’s (I believe) Stewart Sixty Six model? I called the shop and no-one there had any info.  Was just wondering about the design and whether it would be a good east coast board. 

Hey Jimflorida,

I asked Bill Stewart about the 66 model today. He said the boards where designed and all shaped by Jeff Logan. Jeff was part of the Stewart stable of shapers back then. Jeff worked for Stewart until mid 2002. I believe he later worked for Bruce Jones. He’s retired now and lives in Hawaii. Bill described the 66 a clean old style log with 50/50ish rails. He also mentioned the 66 came with some kind of t-band or glue up design in the blank. l myself have never seen one. If possible, could you post a picture of the board and it’s logo?