stick on leash loops

Hello , Iwas wondering if anyone knows where i might acquire a stick on leash loop. I want to attach it to an old vintage log- I am not interested in inserting a glassed in plug or leash loop or drilling the fin- Any info would be appreciated- thanks

Howzit smoothie,Just go to a surf shop and they should carry them.Aloha,Kokua

E-Z Plug from Surfco Hawaii:


get the SurfCo Hawaii plug. clear, if available.

heard some negative things about the O’fish’l plugs, so i’d stay away…but i’ve used the SurfCo plugs before and have had nothing but good results.

Do these (ez plugs) work pretty well for older heavy longboards? I am not planning on taking the board out in any heavy conditions, but I don’t want to lose control of it in crowded condition summer conditions either.

Have used the E-Z Plug on a 9’ 6" triple stringer with no probs. Seems pretty solid…


my SurfCo plug is stuck on a very heavy 9’6"…SurfCo Hawaii is a great company…they really stand behind their products…and i buy from them whenever possible

What bad things have you heard about o’fishl stick on plugs? I just started using them, but I throw on a patch on 6oz s cloth over the top to make myself feel better. I ride big boards and have a hard time thinking any stick on plug would hold without a little extra help. Still working on the cosmetics.

Beau Young at Mexico snaped a thee stringer board in big surf (proper) and the stick on plug was still there . you do the math.

Not to bark at your sources Soulstice,

…but I’ve used Mel Ross’ Ofish’l glue-on discs…just out of lazyness…had them on two of my dear departed guns never had a problem w/ them… even at Mavs…held up it every e-vile thing that could be thrown at a boardrider…and nuttin’…

…I bet you,your sources are the ones that said," soulerez didn’t work and popped right off the ding"(because he/she was too stupid/ignorant and/or too lazy to clean/dry/and prep the area first).

To add insult onto injury; I use the cheapest 5 min. “99cents only stores” epoxy to apply the Ofish’l discs.

It’s not what you have…it’s what you know.

(Soulstice,no harm intended…the 70s stickits worked just as well for me then[a surf co. product ? or Con-trol product,either or]…infact…I still have a few of those relics,lol that’s how long they last.)

I’ve been using E-Z leash plugs for over a year with no problems in all kinds of conditions… Only one surf shop around me carries them. The other guys, “never heard of them.” Ha!

Feel Free…

i followed the directions on the o’fishl stick on leash-loop …worked for about a month then on a small 4’ wave it came off!!! board got dragged through all this barnacle encrusted rocks and so did i trying to retrieve it…luckily my baord was epoxy and suffered scratches and a couple minor dings…i on theother hand was pretty beat up …enough for the day…so ya…f-u–c-k o’fish’l

You failed…(the ofishl disc didn’t)… at installing it correctly… instructions or not.


Beau Young at Mexico snaped a thee stringer board in big surf (proper) and the stick on plug was still there . you do the math.

A board breaking really does not determine anything about the capabilities of a leash plug. Not necessarily anyway. Neither does the surfer riding it. And in big enough surf, the number of stringers becomes obsolete as well i would think.

I tried one of those stick-on leash things, I hated it. Not only did it come off, it pulled a bunch of skin off my leg! DANG…

no offense taken, herb…you’re a real pro, and i value your opinon (as it’s derived from far greater experience than i’ve got)

i can only speak from my own personal experience. i’ve heard some negatives about the o’fish’l plugs, but never used any myself, so i can’t confirm that the install was proper.

all i can speak of is my install of a SurfCo plug…and that thing is holding solid after many years of beatings.

(and i like the people…so i wanna push their products)

…that is all.

Sure,I understand…I also like Mel Ross Owner of Ofishl and know that the product is good.

It’s not the stickit’s fault…it the user/installer’s fault.Trust me,I got one on a board right now,been there now for at least a month…the board out wt’s most 9 footers at 6’-4"…

I KNOW !!!

The photos at the Big Sur gathering 05, shows me with my last gun,8-1 built in 2000.That’s all that board ever had done to it as far as a leash attachment goes…proofs in the pudding guys.

no doubt, man. i’ve got a couple of WAAAYYYYY old school boards…pre-leash era. i don’t want to ruin the finish of the board by drilling holes for some leash attachment…but with all the people down here who think they’re much better surfers than they really are, any day over waist-high requires a leash. without the stick-ons, i’d be lost.

I have used several of the O’Fishl leash attachments(plugs) on heavy boards with no problems. I buy mine at Fiberglass Hawaii and followed their reccomendations on installation. Scuff the area that you are going to install the leash plug with 100 grit sandpaper. Scuff up the bottom of the leash attahment with sandpaper as well. Use 5-minute epoxy for the install. I’ve got one on a Lauran Yater that has been in some pretty good sized Calif. surf and is still holding after 5-6 years.