Stick Theory

First off, I feel I need to start with an explicit comment: the site below is not meant to replace Swaylocks or quiet its thunder in any way. I am offering it as a means of actually improving Swaylocks by hopefully eliminating the ever-present newbie post “I really want to learn how to shape… tell me how, tell me where, tell me when!” and by providing a site to organize the concepts previously discussed and beaten to a pulp here in the forum. I love the site, but there is a ton of repetition here making it hard to find answers in the archives.

Enough talk…

Good idea? Bad idea? Sorry I don’t have much content filled in yet. I was hoping to have more time the past week, but the surf’s been too good :wink: Hopefully it’s enough to see the value a site like it would have to offer if embraced by the swaylocks community.

(For those that have never heard of or used a wiki before, a wiki is

basically a site where anyone can edit any page. You can learn

more about them at

might be good once I figure it out???

HalSose - the beauty of a wiki site is that if something is confusing you, you can edit/move/delete it however you like. it’s a bit confusing now due to lack of organization, but that will come with time

Thanks to those that have already begun contributing! I’ll be going through the archives and adding a bunch more content over Thanksgiving break. I hope more of you will join in.

Although this post has been viewed over 80 times, only HalSose responded. I really am open to hear what you have to say about the site. Is it worth spending time on? Is it a stupid idea? How can it be improved? If no one thinks it would be of use, I might as well save my time and go surf (and save the $10 a month I’m spending to host it)… I think it’s a worthy cause… tell me what you think.

Hi Losos,

I would not think its a waste of time if the newbies actually responded to it…thats the test.

As for the others they probably dont care much. Much of the info you want to consolidate already exists…

so an alternative is to simply have a list of links that leads them to the key info to get started…like links to the shaping videos, blank suppliers/catalogs, etc. Yes, the “i want to learn how to shape” posts are redundant.

I think it’s a great idea. It’s organized and easy to find the information you want very quickly. As it grows, I can see it becoming the place to go for existing answers. A lot of subjects are discussed repeatedly without new material here at swaylocks. Then swaylocks can become the place to discuss all new stuff.


Beating Keith and Mike to it by a short stretch. A Wiki -based site is a lovely thing, though a somewhat smaller and easier-to use version of the Wiki concept is also available. See . Not long ago, we discussed going to a Wiki based version, but we discovered some of the hidden cute tricks in the stuff the Glossary uses already.

Please add to it. My belated thanks to those who have already, and my thanks in advance to those who will…



Thanks Kenz - that’s how I envisioned it also

Doc - Keith emailed me earlier this morning and told me about the glossary you guys are working on. I think that is a great idea too, but as I mentioned to Mike, a glossary is only useful when you know what you are looking for. By giving the data a hierarchical structure, everything (including topics unknown to you) are very easy to find. I’ve sent Mike an email asking for his opinion on the site and the possibility of merging the two, but I haven’t heard back from him yet. I don’t care much for maintaining ownership of it… I just wanted to get the ball rolling because I think it would be a very valuable resource if people caught on. I know I would use it.

Rock on, man…we played with the idea of porting the Glossary to a Wiki format, see what Mike has to say…



Great idea!!! I checked out the site and like the easy to use format. I’ll be glad to add some info to it. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until next week.

Sr. Pato

Got a reply back from Mike, and he says run with it. We are going to keep the two sites separate but StickTheory will rely heavily on the content discussed hear.

From Mike - “one request though. When you are pulling/referencing content from Swaylock’s, if appropriate, please provide a link to the source material or indicate that it was courtesy of Swaylock’s. Other than that, I’d say go nuts – pull whatever content/photos & link to whatever you want!”

Hi mate!

Is it a problem for you if we translate sticktheory for french use?

Linking it with new content from website.

Idea is to share knowledges solving langage gap.

Don’t know how it can work for maintain content on each langage, and suppose It will ask lot of work of our part, but somes of shaperoom’s guys are ready to try!

I have put the french version on, and we will began translating if you just say: Ok!