Sticky first lamination

Seems dry, but sticky. I used RR epoxy, with additive f. I was quite sure that the epoxy was mixed correctly. I used bamboo fiberglass. It’s been cold and humid here. How long is this stuff supposed to take in temperatures under 60? It seems to be ok in spots, but is real sticky in others. Solutions?


Its not recomended to use Epoxy at those temperatures… heat the space you are lamming in next time if that is an option. You want at least high 60’s, and definitely not falling temperatures right after you lam.

Pay real close attention to your mix ratios and when you are mixing it and think you are done stirring, stir for another two minutes. If its not fully mixed you can get soft/sticky spots and spots that are fine.

Also, if you were using a scale the ratios are different, not the 2 to 1 by volume ratio.

Good luck!

tried taking a bit of sandpaper to the board last night and it seemed to sand fine, so I’m going to let it sit in the sun today and see what happens.

Mixing is very important. And I’m talking about the can of Add F, and the resin/hardener/surface agent solution. I’ll bet that’s the problem. Either that, or not enough Add F. The ratio is 1cc per oz. of hardener. If it doesn’t get tack free, just put some wax paper on the rack, flip it, and lam the other side. If the other side is already lammed, just hotcoat it, and double the Add F when you to - 2cc per oz. of hardener.

If your Add F is cold, and I think 60 degrees is cold enough, it will get chunky, and you may not have gotten enough wax in the mix when you measured it out. I either keep it warm so it won’t separate, or shake the crap out of it, then measure it out quickly. You should see the chunks of wax if it’s cold. If you dont’ see the chunks, you didn’t get any wax in the mix, and it will leave your lam tacky.