Sticky foam dust?

Does anyone know why some foam dust is a lot stickier than others?

i just shaved some red u.s. blanks and the foam sticks to everything like glue.  not easy to blow off like usual.

Are red blanks the softest/least dense and is this normal or is this foam bad?


Could it be static electricity?  Sometimes I get that when my AC sucks out the humidity from my shaping room.


I think that uncled is 100% right.Foam dust is not sticky.It's not easy to blow off the dust from the blank because dust is trapped in the blank's porosity.Never try to blow dust off with a normal air compressor (unless you have particular filters) because it spits water, oil and dust in very small qualntities, which can give you mega problems with resin bonding.

thanks guys, but i'm not sure if it's that. 

climate conditions were very warm and dry not unlike past days.

the dust actually sticks to my skin differently also.  has a different smell as well. 

really strange. 

are red blanks the softest foam density?

could this be a part of it?

90% of the boards I’ve built including the most recent 2 in this past few weeks have been USBlanks red formula. planing or sanding, it vacuums or blows off the blank or my skin like always - I have not experienced any stick-like-glue foam you described. strange.

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Could i blow off the dust with my airbrush.  Do those compressors have oil, etc problems?

Professional airbrushing compressors are oil free and moisture filters.You can actually use it but i don't think it would be healthy for the compressor.Usually aiurbrushing compressors are small so to do this job it would run countinuously and the temperature would rise a lot.What about an hair dryer?

Ahh that’s perfect!!! I bought one for surfboard related stuff and didn’t even think about using it to get rid of dust.  I bought the one with ionic something or other that’s supposed to not have static electricity issues.  I use it to heat gloss and hot coats to let it flow if it starts to get pin holes.  Now it’ll be the go-to tool.  Thanks for the info!!!

   Aloha hang20, I found out a long time ago the best way to clean up a blank is with a shop vac with a one of those round soft bristle attachments that come with a house vacumn. When you blow foam dust off a blank it just goes into the air and some will settle back on the blank. The vac gets all the dust off and when you tape off for doing a airbrush design the tape will stick really good. Aloha,Kokua

That sounds much better. No more dust over everything.  I hate the way the whole contents of my garage get built up with layers of the dust, especially when sanding. THANKS!!!