stik-e or feathering adhesive

i cant get any here 3m dont supply it to europe and the postage from the us is too much


if i remember a few years ago someone mentioned that they made there own?

ive been using spray adhesive, but it destroys the pads and paper when you try and remove the paper.



Try this:  When you want to remove worn paper, put the pad flat on a concrete floor and spin it with some pressure for about ten seconds.     It will heat the adhesive, and the paper should peel off easily.

Different technique, same physical principle, same result: heat your paper disc with a heat gun (enough to melt the glue, not enough to set it on fire and melt your pad, too), catch the disc by its edge with a clamp (not to burn your fingers) and just pull the disc from the pad.

hi bill

yeah ive tried this and it works ok, but i cant use the sandpaper again then :o(



hi guilherm

is the paper re usable afterwards?


does anyone know whats in these products?

tacky and stik-e or the feathering adhesive have a guy at a glue company who will make me some if i can find out?


im pretty sure it was jim phillips or mike daniels that made there own?

think they said it was impact adhesive mixed with ?



Get a second pad, and just change pads when you want to change grit.     I always used that technique of heating,  when the paper was worn and needed replacing.    No intent to re-use it.