still ticking

Just got back from a few days off last week. Celebrated my 60th birthday by (what else?) going surfing. Not well, mind you, but definitely surfing with joy and gratitude for the affirmation of life that surfing provides. So, to all my friends who put up with my pre-60th period of psychosis in trying my best not to turn 60, your patience and support was a job well done, well appreciated, and affirmed by how I spent my day.



still moving clockwise.

You are a real inspiration ! I will turn 50 this year and keep wondering how many more years will I surf ! Hopefully many more like yourself !


Literally, ‘many happy returns’


As they say down under, Good on ya! Good to know someone older, and still stoked. Gives us not so younguns, 41, hope for the future. Peace and goodness, Taylor

George , Buffalo and of course …Woody Brown …would be proud of ya !!

“good on ya mayte” [there …I said it , you just don’t get to hear my Aussie accent …aren’t you lucky]

when I hit 60 , the only airs I’ll be doing will be out my a…[h yes !], and ,hopefully, not in a nursing home , unless I can surf everyday down the corridors.