still without most of the possible improvements

…hello Mr Paler, from time to time we have here this maintenance stuff but we never see what couple of years ago all we chatted about here.

For ex, nobody knows how many hits have a thread; we need an arrow to go to the last comment; etc

Now I see couple of small triangles/arrows inside the threads with a 0 between…what s exactly the function?



----by the way, the other Icon with the great wave of Kanagawa if far better than this thing; also I let it because I decided that was good for my icon due I surfed there…

Complaning about something that you did not pay for is classy! Keep it up! 

…hey fella, Im not complaining about anything at all; the fact is that couple of years ago he asked to us about what changes would work out…nothing more

So now is it a popularity contest with the - / + ?


The wave is coming back.

Roll over the arrows for a suggestion as to why you would click on them.


 Mike, I’m reminded of an episode of The Simpsons where it was the first episode of a highly anticipated series, but sorely not what I had expected.

 I jumped up in protestation, spilling my beer, nachos and teen hooker onto the dirt floor.

The salient point being that if you give them the best, where do you go from there…?

Everyone appreciates how hard it is to keep things intact and there’s great admiration for your efforts.

Please let this teen hooker comment be the first post to be Flagged as offensive…



The teen hooker comment was the best part. I chuckled. I hope you tipped the young thing. I mean, you did drop her on the floor.

The part I miss the most from previous incarnations of Sways is the thread “Views Count”.

It didn’t matter the number of people who replied to a topic or how far back a topic slid from the front page, or how well the particular contributors were appreciated, but some topics always had a constant audience thru the View count , either because the viewers didn’t want to miss out on something new or because the information was worth reading time and again. Even if a topic had been dormant for months, the view count let you know that it was an active topic in minds of the viewers.

The View Count let me know whether I was saying something that was actually interesting.



Here Here!!!  Remember the view count of Bert Berger’s thread…it was off the chart.  Back then I was new here and as I went through the archives that was how I determined which threads to read.

   Agree.     I’d like to see it come back.


Ask and ye shall receive! At least this time. I have implemented forum topic view count and a quick link to last reply. Look for the “Go” link in the last column on the topic listing pages.



Just want to thank you for all the work you do to keep this site going. The shaper hot seat discussion with George Gall brought back some of the magic that brought me here in the first place.

…hello Mike; thank you very much for your time and efforts.

I think all here appreciate having a forum with these useful stuff.

Also I see that the letters are bigger, so that would be good for the people that have problems reading the screen.

Damn I can log on to sway’s without my glasses, (ha, almost)!