stinger fish (Q's)

ahhh the joys of APS3000 and shite TV, 1st pass at using APS and importing images, Thanks roger hall @ surfline (NZ) for the photo inspiration

Thinking of doing this one next (in HWS of course), will clean up the tail to be more traditional fish shape and will try and do a deep single into double concave thru the tail aka surfline

may increase the length a bit and decrease then rocker to 3 3/4 and 1 1/2, has anyone built/riden a board with the stinger so far up (~1/3), how did it go???

let me know what ya think…



hi Shane !

I can’t see 'pdf’s for some reason , but thanks for the photo .

My limited experience with stigers [I made one] is they seem a bit unpredictable to turn . Sometimes mine slid out dring cutbacks , sometimes it held .

I guess that’s hoew the bertlemann / buttons / liddell schol evolved …low rotational style , ‘berts’ , rail grabs , wide stance …to hold the things in .

Mind you , I only rode mine for a year .

…Did you see 'Andi’s one I posted for him a little while ago ?