stinger thruster

Has anyone ever made a stinger thruster?

I’m trying to think of a summer mush buster and the recipe (short of a longboard) is always short, wide and low rocker. My only problem with that is I tend not to like wide boards. I have smallish feet ( size 8-1/2 - 9) and am light weight (155 lbs) and I don’t feel I get enough leverage to surf on rail with wide boards. You have to kind of surf them flat (or I do). Then it occured to me that the stinger was “supposed” to address that problem- pulling in the tail at least. I’ve never seen stingers except in their single fin configuration or the AIPA big boy models.


See if you can find a JC “Stingray.” I had one 10 or so years ago that was a 5’-11" that thing rocked! I think I still have a template that makes a similar outline, but with the widepoint at center. I made a couple of 6-4 stingers with it, about 19.5" wide with tail around 14". Liked 'em both pretty well, but didn’t keep either one very long.

did a mutant five fin stinger once… wasn’t really meant for small days but it worked fine…somebody borrowed that one and never brought it back, or I’d let you try it…

hey Llilibel,

have you checked out a Lost… RNF?

seems like what you might be looking for without the stinger.

they seem to have pretty narrow tails and wide noses.

i know you’d be making your own but maybe something along those lines?