Got this today …

always good / encouraging to hear of someone else giving new stuff a go !

" Last weekend I layered up a fin panel, used up all the left over glass from both rolls, 30 layers of 60z and 2 layers of 40z, also used up all my left over resin, I was really scraping the barrel, didn’t have enough left to do a hot coat so I ended up using gloss resin to fill in the weave of the last layer, worked ok though and will be sanded down anyway.

In the central layer I used some patterned silk… but it’s turned pale and is close to the colour of the fibreglass and you can’t really see it, hopefully it’ll look better once they’re foiled, if not I might spray paint them then gloss ’em.

So far cut 1 out of 4 of the templates out, I thought I’d do four as I had room and I thought I’d have a spare if I mess up.

The tabs are 2mm too thick so I’ll machine the tabs next weekend and foil them.

picked up some different material to inlay for a second attempt. "

…GOOD on ya !!

Is there a scientific name for a fin fetishist?


funatic [rhymes with ‘lunatic’ …at least in fu manchu land !]


"finus maximus obsessus ‘’


“…I have a vewy good fwiend, you know… D’you know how he’s called? He’s called Finnus…”

…I keep TELLING you , I WAS here yesterday !

[but if you keep THAT up , I may not be here tomowwow ,

you vewy vewy thilly thentuwion !


bon nuit monsieur … il est dix heures maintenant [nuit , pas jour]