Stolen Board

Hey everyone. I don’t know how many east coast guys are on here, but I’m an east coaster. I surf both longboards and shortboards, and I recently had a shortboard stolen from me in Cape May, NJ.

It was a 6’8" Surf Prescription single fin. The resin job was really unique. It had a turquoise tint to it all over, and the deck had resin swirls, similar to Cooperfish tiger strips. The resin on bottom had silver sparkles in it.

My friend put the board down on a bench for 5 minutes, and someone stole it.

I’ve called the police and all the local shops, but if anyone hears or sees anything about this board, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Tom Alberico

I can keep an eye out in AC and Ventnor area, can’t do much else…

Sorry for your loss…