Stolen Surfboards

I hate to see anybody lose their boards, but this post that I saw on surfline this morning just summed up Southern California surfing to me: Starbucks, surftechs… all it’s missing is a Wave Pool to go rip on in between Latte’s.

Stolen Board alert: May 4th, from Starbucks on Warner & Bolsa Chica in HB. A 9’ Harbour Wingpin Surftech (White w/ Green Bottom) and a 9’2” Donald Takayama Surftech (White w/ Blue Bottom). Please contact Mike Lein…

You know the thief was a KOOK …who would steal p.o.s. surftechs…if the other kook made his own coffee he would not have lost his “prized” possessions…lol…karma, it will get you or grace you in the end…peace and waves…

Stealing stuff, surfyechs, yada, yada - Aren’t we’re missing the bigger picture here?

i.e., Why weren’t they buying their coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts?

We don’t have Dunkin Donuts out here… hence the proliferation of Starbucks.

I admit it… I’m addicted to coffee. I love the stuff. The one time I’m able to do without it is before and after my morning surf. When I surf before work I’ll usually go without it. Don’t need it to wake up, the water does that, and don’t need it afterwards cause I usually stay pumped for a couple of hours if it was good.

this is evidence of another facet of the commodity factor…they all look the same …they make a prime theft Item as yhe instant I.D.of a custom has always made it dicey to think of surfboard theft as a steady job …if the guy got caught in the act he would just say…I thought they were my boards this car is the same as my brothers,was it a corolla?,OOOOOOOOOR maybe the begining of a serial theft ring stealing surf techs to sell them in san bernadino,barstow,kingman,and all the places on route sixty six moving east…call SSSSSSScotland Yard SSSSSSherlock Holmes should be exumed for the solution to this dasterdly act! Is nothing SACRED…the parking lot at starbux the Bastion of Yuppiesaurus commitment to conspicious Mee Tooitus…this is the begining of a trendMMMMMMMARK MY WORFS … ambrose…nothing gets stolen from dunkin donutz parkin’ and my subscription ran out on TURF LINE…so I caent even read up on the plot…well I’m sure them I know stuff guys will solve this problem otherwise they woudlnt be surf line Executives

WAIT A MINUTE !!! WERE THOSE THE GUYS DROPPING IN ON EVERYBODY AT BOLSA CHICA THAT MORNING? they might be in the dire pit at the beach tonite set ablase…ambrose…an active imaginatination ,or a PSYCHIC READING>>>>DUN Dun dun