straight ahead ...

…bonzer runners , as opposed to toed in ones . [Still with cant , just with no toe in towards the nose ]

Has anybody tried these ?

What were the results ?

liked… or not ?

It was a mate who asked me " what would having the runners going parallel with the stringer [but still canted out] do for a bonzer’s performance ? "

…It got me wondering , too !

any thoughts ?  

thanks ! 


Hi Chippy

I always thought that by placing fins in parallel to the stringer created tracking but I haven’t tried it out to prove it one way or the other. The early fishes likes Skp Frye’s were set up like this so maybe this isn’t true.

Don’t know anyone that has tried it with a bonzer set up.


Not sure if tracking is the right word for the effect…

The concaves have to start (of course) and end somehow, and the toe in of the side fins seem to channel the water a certain (I, of course, don’t know) manner which inproves the speed and looseness of the overall design.

I have a tri fin with dead straight set side fins, and it surfs…like a single fin!

Not sure if that’s what the Campbells had in mind originally.