strange days indeed

some one with great knowledge  sent this to me asking if i could find somthing strange about this board?


**   so instead of geting involved in this strange puzzle i thought i would ask my swaylock brthers **

cheers huie[img_assist|nid=1058960|title=strange|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=548]


The fin is about the size of my cock when its limp?




i dunno the stringer continues through the glass in the tail and there is bugger all roving on the fin

nothing strange about that one Huie !!!!!!!!!

probably carefully thought out over a round table discussion while cordially passing the bubble pipe amongst a collective of surf design demi gods ...... I reckon !!!!

Gotta be out of that era mate ...... (lol) (lol)

Just the way it was photographed. There’s an optical illusion. The board has a very thin probably all glass tail. The white may just be painted on to cover any cracks in the solid glass sheet. Most of the Greenough Spoons I’ve seen has those shatters and cracks.

I think you would need another shot with a better angle to see the actual profile, but I’ll bet it’s a Greenough Spoon made a little larger for standing on.

Josh your’s gets awfully flat when flacid.

greenough inspired......... definitely.


Without a doubt, probably one of the most unique boards in the auction!  When Bob McTavish introduced his version of the “V” Bottom to the California market in the summer of ’68, he hooked up with George Greenough and went on to establish a shaping relationship with Tom Morey of Morey-Pope Surfboards.

This particular board was McTavish’s interpretation of a Greenough inspired flex tail, that would allow for enough flotation to be surfed like one of Greenough’s knee boards, yet allow the rider to stand!

Finished in gunmetal gray bottom and lap, with battleship gray inset and smoke gray deck panel, off set by black pin lines.  Greenough foiled flex fin and Morey-Pope logo with “McTavish Shaped” signature and serial number # 2329.   This is the only McTavish board of it’s kind in existence!

Pre-auction estimate: $5000- $10,000   NO RESERVE

There's no deep Vee!

I'm thinking all the grey looks oddly...well...recent.  I'd have to see a photo showing all that finish "back in the day" before I'd consider parting with $5k-10k.  I'm from Morey-Pope territory, and most of those boards weren't so ornamentally decorated. Which doesn't mean this isn't the one in a million...


Yeah the pigmented re-finish...Is that what's so remarkable?

I did'nt think so...



doesn’t look like it was ever ridden.  So maybe it didn’t surf very well, ha ha.

Who knows?  But it was Right for the time!  Between Mctavish, Greenough, Morey, D. Ryder, Cooper and Tom Hale;  one of many experiments that may have or may not have worked.

Rick made a flextail similar to that. They actually produced a few and I remember seeing them in some shops.

We made at least one at G&S. I can’t remember if it was Skip or Larry’s project. After the bottom of the board was glassed they sanded away the foam from the deck in the tail area. Then glassed the top.

Back in those days (late sixties early seventies) we were always trying different stuff.


I’m with you…even $1k is an ask on this as it has a very strong …smell about it!

Something (if not everything) has been recently covered up with that pigment…

Fin does not have shape or foil for it’s time…admit subtle differences i am seeing, but never the less not right

can not recall ever seeing “an original of the day” having stringer left over…yes even though some did do it that way, it was not, to my recollection what george or Bob would have done…could be very wrong here

Agree no v also raises questions.

Looks to me as it has been a recent cutdown of an old "broken or damaged ‘fantastic Plastic machine’ or the like so the are leaving the only original part not covered up

Rocky …on the nose

I think you are most likly "very wrong here".  Looks like the real deal to me and I grew up surfing Ventura/Santa Barbara boardwise being;  Yater, Owl(Jeff White), Morey-Pope, Tom Hale, William Dennis etc.  Used to hang out at Morey-Pope Shop by the tracks on Front St. after surfs.   Talk $#!t with Arnson Herd(Dale) who worked the counter.  If you read Bills post above you will understand why the stringer is at the tail.  The pigment/paint is most likly there to cover-up cosmetic issues.  Lowel


Yep i may have this all wrong as i said, I did read bills post re the stringer (as I had said) but apart from the points I made, it is the McTavish bit that has got me and why if it is so genuine would you cover it up?? If it IS genuine and “the only one in existence” it needs Bob’s nod that it is the real deal.

The fact that under the grey coat it may look waterlogged, yellowed, dinged etc is part of it being the real deal…

I say…look if some dude wants to pay that amount…good luck, but what sort of certificate of originallity comes with such a purchase ??

Looking under another,  Rock

Well, there's maybe a couple of issues here...since we started with obscurity to begn with. The whole "investment" aspect, all that money for something that has been painted over...sketchy. Without the cosmetic "upgrades" ...more value. Beat or not, if they have the documentation.

Take away the money though...probably a good chance it's what they say it is. Seems like I used to see similar things (less paint) on a display rack from time to time when Stan Fuji had the Ventura Surf Shop, or maybe the same thing moved around a bit between my intermittant visits. Spoon kneeboards to my mind though, smaller than this. That was long before I had any walls to adorn with totems, and once I had the walls I didn't have the bucks for buying.  Always possible this was something that didn't set the world on fire and lingered in a garage or something. If anybody gets the full story, please post.


when was it made?



Don’t know if they say …only that it was part of a post "68 period fom what i can see.

I am more and more calling a cutdown which is mabe why the only bit really showing of the carcass is the bit that is written on…that in itself is a very strange place to sign/write on the blank and not along the stringer???

also the lines and pinlines all converging is not even close to style of that era or that kind or ‘out there’ design.

Maybe it was shaped on April 1st and any buyer be ware. seller should be sure of what they are selling,if  not the real deal, then they could be in the shit!!

Too many questions and not many answers

Bit Rocky…in my book

Buyer beware....The photos show the new resin vs the old resin...

The tape off around the fin.....Strange...Who is the seller?

My guess is the board is a real flextail with a lame "restore"....or maybe an awesome "restore"

Love me, hate me, I don't really care.....Not worth $5,000 in my world....