Strange fin box

I was at work yesterday and a guy brought in a CI Flyer looking for fins. But I had never seen the fin system before so I’m looking to you guys for answers.

The fins had a small base like the lock box fins but they had a pin in them. The fin goes into the box and slides forward on the pin. Then there is a set screw (like the future systems screw) that when tightened on the side of the box presses down on a pressure plate. This holds the fin in the box.

The system can only be a few years old, but may have never made it to mass production I’m guessing.

He told me the board was owned by Taylor Knox, so I don’t know if this was some kind of prototype system or what. I told him to just hang the board up and forget about it b/c it’s not in that good of condition. But it must be one of those Magical boards, and who am I to get in the way of perfection.

Any info on the fin system, where I might be able to find some fins for it etc. would be greatly appreciated. If all else fails I can always make him some fins, I guess.

Thanks, JK

Howzit 5fin, After speding time with LokBox this last weekend and talking story about the history of his system unless memory is incorrect it may be the original LokBox system before they made changes to it. The give away is the steel plate that screws down and holds the fin in. I could be wromg though.Aloha,Kokua