Strange forum phenomenon.

I just noticed that my posts are only visible if I’m logged in.  If I log out my posts disappear.  Its as if there is a security setting somewhere so that only logged in users can see my posts.  Anybody else getting this?  Try logging out and viewing yours or my posts.  Any idea how to fix?

Just noticed that I can’t see Wavecraft’s replies if I’m not logged in either.

I can’t see this post, and I’m logged in


I would venture that all of sways is a strange forum phenomena, but I could be totally wrong.

That’s nothing. Somebody has been posting pictures of boards with little dimples all over them. 

The horror…

Strange some times i’m logged in and then all of a sudden not, then next page logged in again.

I get that too.  

Most functions appear pretty much normal here, on my end. But, I always have to log in twice before I’m actually logged in. It’s been this way for quite a while.

If I click the link when I get an email re. a PM, then I’m logged in.  Otherwise I have to do the double log in too.

But, thankfully Sways is still here.  OOooo, but while we’re at it, how 'bout a “back to general discussion” tab at the bottom of the page?!?


Mako, I can see your and my posts whether I’m logged in our out.

I long for the uncomplicated old days.


As far as surfing goes, that statement applies to much more than just this website.

Well, I hear that, but reality seems to dictate…