Strange Thread Explained - Change is Weird but Growth is Good

Hey Folks,

The short of it: That message was a mistake.

The longer explanation: (I was hoping to keep this under wraps for a little longer, however that message has forced my hand.) For the last year I’ve been working behind the scenes on moving to a new (and far better) software platform.* The points/role thing in the accidental email you received is a small part of a set of larger changes that will be coming to Swaylock’s over the course of 2009.

The first phase of the change is to clone the current site into the new platform. As such, everything will basically look and function the same way. All of the current functionality (discussions, private messages, resources, surfshop, glossary) will be carried over. There will be subtle differences, some new features, some new ways of doing the same things, but overall it’s the same old Swaylock’s. The transition will be step-wise, one major section at a time, starting with the discussion forums. This first step (the discussion forums) will hopefully occur in the next week or two. I may solicit a small test group to give the new forum a test drive before I migrate. I may not.

The second phase, hopefully coming much later in 2009 will be a series of new features, the first of which will be personal blogging. Later changes will be an improved surfshop. But that’s way down the pike.

As Swaylock’s webmaster for nearly 10 years, one thing I’ve come to understand is that people resist/hate/reject change. As such, I’m hoping that all of you will be patient and help me help you with this transition. That involves notifying me if you encounter a new bug, reporting weird behaviors, or even simple feedback. Ultimately (and you have to take my word on this) this transition will be a good thing for the community. Why a good thing? In simple terms, this transition will make it FAR easier for me to introduce new features & functionality that enhance your Swaylock’s experience in a manageable, scalable manner. Simply put, this is progress.

Thanks and enjoy!!!


  • For the technically minded: The new platform I’m migrating to is Drupal.

Thank you Mike for the explanation. I’m sure most of us here trust you and your judgement in these matters. Glad it wasn’t a virus or something. Lowel

so far I think the flavor of the


has improved 100%.

the entree I chose ,the mahi mahi

in cajun macadamia nut crust

could have been more moist

but the papaya cherry sauce

more than made up for it.

the wine was a good choice I am glad I left that choice tou your

exemplarry taste who’d thunk it would 've been a mexican wine!

I often skip the dessert

because I over eat and spoil my digestion

but the mint and the cracker crust

under the mango pineapple soursop

tart combo was like I wrote the recipe

to fulfill a dream I once had.

I am so gratified to have been invited to the second floor

and even more glad that I found the

emorphous gelevator

and the scene on the walls of realtime Aquitane

with a swell from the castle

will be with me when ever I close my eyes.

Again and again

I will return

my psychicologic/ gastronomic

selves to the resturant

by the blue campfire

…Swaylocks by the Bay…

enigmatic and constantly

questing spontaneous fantasy,



Is there any hope that posting pictures will become easier? Some of the more computer savvy guys like Oneula can post a mini-surfing magazine right in with the text, whereas guys like me have problems getting one small picture past security.

I know there are websites where the pictures can be pre downloaded, then uploaded to Swaylocks, but if there was a way to make it all work at this site, I would be one of many who would be thankful.

Keep up the good work. Thanks for starting and maintaining this site.


I think the issue with pics is bandwidth, if the pics are ‘hosted’ here, it requires much more bandwidth than remote linking.

It is a hassle to upload at photobucket and then link here but it may save some dough for Mike.

Thanks Mike!

I think it is very cool! and I don’t feel quite so stupid now that I know the mail was legit(I may still BE stupid, but at least I do feel AS stupid LOL)

So my response is valid, as well as my desire to be of service if needed.

By the way…where exactly will the wave porn be anyway? LOL

I sincerely appreciate your continuing service and dedication to this massive band of rabble that resides here.

In humble gratitude


nobody loves me,


Don’t feel bad bro…SOMEBODY loves you.

Not sure who exactly…But I’m SURE somebody does!