Stray Fibers and Fiber Lumps (Caution: Noob ques.)

I finished my laminate last night using RR Epoxy and was a very interesting learning experience.

Any way, the laps on my rails sat fine but I noticed that the area where the bottom (1 x 6 oz.) and top (2 x 6 oz.) cloth overlaps are a lot thicker.

  1. How much sanding must I do in order to have these areas flow smoothly? What grit do I use?

  2. Will the hot coat (gloss coat afterwards) level these areas out?

  3. There are also long stray fibers that layed beyond the lap area (inexperience with the shears), should I leave these alone?

  4. There are dry spots, should I hit these areas again or will hot coat fill these in later?


~ ghost

Dry spots, hit them NOW with a squeegee, press hard to penetrate and saturate. You can also roll the resin in there.

The rest is usually solved with a surform, not sandpaper.

Thanks lee. Surform… cool I’ll give that a go.

So basically, try to smooth out the area as close as possible.