Stress is...

Having a 10’-6” fleshly skinned balsando awaiting glassing

With way to many hard pointy objects in the room


Seems lots of final sanding is in order before you glass.

Glassing is easy, and you don’t need to move the board at all. Whip out each side in 10 minutes taking your time with a slow batch of RR resin, cardboard the floor around the outline.

Please keep the pics coming.

Yep, a bit more cleanup and I’ll be ready. Too many projects going. I’ll attach nose and tail blocks today. and then I have to grind on my fin blanks while the glue sets up. Move to the grinding area and shape the nose and tail. Back to the glass area…I got to get organized better, or clean up the shop a bit. I just can’t seem to thow away scraps. I KNOW I’ll need them for something.

Here’s the weight so far. Deck rails and bottom skin. I’m 15-16 lb when done. 2-3 lbs lighter than my 9’.

And some fins. All of them have curves from the glass store bought fin on the left.

Come’on, what stresses you out when you’re building a board.

What makes YOU stand around and watch glue dry??

Or are you the type that finds all this therapeutic… Well, I do too. But there are moments!!

ahmmm- with appreciation and respect…

stress is

  • totalling your working hours for the week and coming up with 90+, at the two jobs, here in beach side paradise tourist country
  • one of those jobs is running a fish market/restaurant, when your total experience in the restaurant biz before is four hours , that you hated. And now, Uncle Doc is the boss three or four nights a week? With a massive desire not to screw up. Ayaiyai -
  • Finagling a relaxing change of pace- 12+ hour days commercial fishing, which means I can safely expect to drop ten pounds over a weekend. This really IS relaxation to me, only doing bull work like diggng shellfish or hauling back 500 lb+ tuna by hand.
  • Oh, and celebrating ( early next month ) your 52nd birthday and realising it ain't gonna be 26 for the 2nd time, it really is fifty-f#cking-two years and ya feel every f#cking minute of it some mornings. Make that every f#cking morning...
now, as to your stress- bro, move the f#cking pointy stuff out of the way.

hope that’s of use


Wow Doc, I hope you feel a LITTLE better tomorrow.

(Chuckling )

Hell, I felt pretty good yesterday.

Ya see, when you live in a tourist-based economy, which it is here, ya have to get what you can when you can. And that means a lot of hours and putting your life on hold.

Not that I actually had a life before, more like the possibility of having one someday…


hafte , what is the fin setup going to be on that board ??

I see fin box [back?] fins , and what looks like almost a keel template[?] there …



stress for me was doing a polyester resin swirl for the first time , inside a 100 + degreeF shed , and watching the rails gel …BEFORE they were lapped.

Ben, I’m going with a single on this board right now. I am a total beginner at stand up surfing, and don’t see much need for more… yet. If the board works OK. I was thinking I might go with a 2+1 set up in the future.

All of the fin templates and blanks that I pictured are morphed from the curves on the store bought glass fin. The keel looking one was going to be for my twin fish, but I went with the two in the lower center that are shaped. If you were to hold those over the keel template they match except for the cut away and fin box tab.

I didn’t know where to position the fins on the fish so I put in 8" fin boxes so I could move them around a bit.

The worst part of that is I didn’t realize until after I installed the fin boxes that you can’t get fish fins for them. D’ohh.

"stress for me was doing a polyester resin swirl for the first time , inside a 100 + degreeF shed , and watching the rails gel …BEFORE they were lapped. "

Now that was what I was looking for!!!

Kind of how my first try at polyester resins went. Only I was able to pull it all back off before it was stuck down. Then I stated over with epoxy. I was doing it over wood at that time.