stretching / lengthening templates


i have run into this problem a few times now and want to see if anyone has good ideas about how best to stretch a template while maintiaing a clean curve with no flatspot. my scenario: i have a 6’0’’ that i love and i want to make a 6’3’’ just like it, just longer, everything else the same. i know i could just make a copy template, cut it at the widepoint, move the two pieces 3" apart and say voila, but i feel a flatspot will occurr. anyone have good expereinces with this subject and want to share?

robby s.

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I have done some template tweeking

I would pull them out and add maybe 1/8th inch to each side of your wide point and fare it in

then you wont have parallel rails

or you can pull the nose and tail in a tad

or dont use the template and rearc the outline with a baton or fishin pole

here’s a post from the archives that might be of help;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread

Us this:

…and say a big “thanks” to PierreB who worked out this software. Very user-friendly.

iv got a really handy 5 10 template curve, and i can use it for board up to 6,6. It a smooth excellerating (parabolic) curve,

i used to use it a lot but not so much any more . I measured widths 12 up and down, 1/3 down, 1/4 up and wide point. slide the template up and down on the top end (above the wide point) till all points match up and do the same for the bottom end of the board… however my template had no breaks in the curve so hips and preferred tail shape was added after.

find your desired widths and i cant see how you can go wrong considering there is only 3 inches difference in the two board lengths. it’ll just merge the middle curves together.

if the 1/3 mark (nose) wont match up perfectly on the step up board, keep the gap from the tail 1/4 mark the same… make sense?

use ratio to find new widths.

good luck