stringer problems

my last few boards i shaped i taped off the stringer to spray color on the boards, when i pull up the tape it has been pulling up strips of wood off the stringer on the hole boards i used the tape from surf source. what could be the problem??? 

What kind of wood is the stringer made of?  And how long have you left the tape on for? If, for instance, you leave the tape on in the sun, the adhesive on standard masking tape gets very good and sticks a lot better than you really want it to. Especially if youre pulling the tape from tail-nose on the deck side and the reverse along the bottom. The grain of the wood versus the rocker, y'know?

So, your answers might be:

Better tape - the adhesive on the 3M blue stuff is better if it's gonna be on there a while.

Keep it out of the sun or heat as much as possible and taped for as short a time as you can.

Tougher wood for a stringer

Remove your tape carefully,

Pull the tape in a direction so it's not separating the grain of the stringer wood.

Me, I'd do all of the above.....

hope that's of use


i think its bass wood its happen with some Clark balnks, US & Bennet foam, i've pulled the tape right after spraying the boards, thanks for you info.